The Meaning of Life (7/11) Movie CLIP – Find The Fish (1983) HD

The Meaning of Life (7/11) Movie CLIP – Find The Fish (1983) HD

[ Doorbell ] Yes ? What ?
Your liver. lt’s a large glandular organ
in your abdomen. You know, it’s
reddish-brown, sort of– Yeah, yeah, l know
what it is, but
l’m using it. Come on, sir.
Don’t muck us about. Hello ! What’s this, then ?
A liver donor’s card. Need we say more ?
No. Listen, l can’t give ityou now.
It says ”in the event ofdeath.” My God ! Just lie there, sir.
It won’t take a minute. [ Screaming ] [ Coughing, Gasping ] [ Bloodcurdling Scream ] Here. What’s going on ? [ Screaming Continues ] That’s right,
madam. He goes down to
the public libray, sees a few signs up, comes home all full
ofgood intentions. He gives blood, does
cold research, all
that sort ofthing. [ Screaming ] What doyou do
with them all, an_ay ? Theyall go to
saving lives, madam. That’s what he used to say. ”lt’s all for the good
ofthe county;’
he used to say. [ Choking, Gasping ] Hmm ? l wouldn’t know about that,
madam. We’rejust doing
ourjobs, you know ? [Gasping, Groaning]
You’re not doctors, then ? Oh, blimey, no.
[ Laughing ]

100 thoughts on “The Meaning of Life (7/11) Movie CLIP – Find The Fish (1983) HD

  1. My guess is that Terry Gilliam had a lot of input on that part of the film. I thought I had dreamed this when I was young, until I saw the whole movie a few years ago.

  2. Ive analysed this clip for 4 hrs 15 minutes in slow motion and if you pause it right near the end …(careful with the pause button) you see fish. Not real fish. Men in fish suits or CGI. I have a degree in video analyses so it gives me an edge in this department.

  3. ,USA President George Bush" "I know that human being and fish can coexist peacefuly "

  4. Every time I watch this scene my only thoughts are…how long is that hallway that Elephant walked down which is behind Michael Graham. LOL!

  5. I read somewhere that this scene is meant to symbolise the weird and strange dreams that people have…
    Would explain a lot

  6. I’m wondering how the person who played the guy with the long arms mechanically moved the arms, especially the fingers.

  7. When the game Slenderman first came out I was never frightened of it.
    All I could think was "and it went, wherever I …. would go" =3

  8. Does anyone know if Michael Palin played the Elephant Waiter? It has his exact mannerisms, the way it moves its head around.

  9. For me, it's not the weird bendy arms, it's not the creepy voice. It's not the man in drag or the twistable nipple faucets. No, for me, it's the question of "what the hell is that elephant waiter THING supposed to be?"

  10. Nowadays there would be 500 fan theories about "what this REALLY means", or constant jokes about being on drugs. You aren't allowed to be absurdist anymore. It all has to be some sort of DHMIS-esque bit, or some druggy's ramblings. Otherwise it would make sense, right?

  11. Curious, how many people find the movie or this scene in particular so disturbing. I'm generally very sensitive to horror films, so I don't watch them, because they seem too real to me. This thing, on the other hand, is not scary, it's just silly. Even cute. And the whole movie isn't "nightmare-ish", as people say, it's just shocking.

  12. I checked the trivia section in IMDB for this scene. It’s supposed to be a metaphor about when we dream while sleeping.

  13. I had the captions on by accident and,,,, <:v it's displaying the captions from right before the universe song i think??? something about a liver?

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