100 thoughts on “The O.C. knocks out Bobby Fish’s tooth: WWE Now, Nov 7, 2019

  1. Bobby posted a photo almost 2 weeks ago on insta and his tooth was already gone so.. and if you pause frame by frame you can see he hits his cheek on the wall not his mouth, so idk.. 😂

  2. He's had a missing tooth for a long time. Why do you think he wears a mouth piece. Most of these "injuries" aren't real.

  3. Ik i saw that thing like come from his mouth and onto the gray thing and I was like dang but saw the ketchup on the table and the thing that came from his mouth looked like ketchup, but damn it’s like Luke was just punishing him for no reason

  4. Didn't Bobby Fish post a picture not even 2 weeks ago, and he didn't have his tooth? If you look closely, he seems to have spit ketchup. Not sure though.

  5. That stuiped decied it I’ll be more fun when there is gonna be raw vs smackdown vs nxt vs aew that I’ll be good

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