The perfect way to use the DEEPER | Ali Hamidi Carp Fishing

The perfect way to use the DEEPER | Ali Hamidi Carp Fishing

Well, I reckon quite a few of you
are going to get the Deeper Chirp or the Pro +
under the Christmas tree this year. And I get asked so many questions about
how to use these properly because when I meet people on the bank
they haven’t got them set up right. They’re blaming the Deeper
but it’s actually the connection between the phone and the Deeper
that’s causing them the problem. So I’m going to take you through
exactly how to do it. So you go to settings on your phone and the first thing you do is switch off
the mobile data, all right, because that will interfere
with the range that the Deeper is going to work up to. It will still work but if you want
to get the 80, 90, 100 yards in the best conditions then you need
the mobile data always switched off. Then switch your Wi-Fi on
and throw the ball in the water. Once that goes in it will search
for the signal from the Deeper. That will pop up like it has done now. It will show Deeper Chirp,
unsecured network, no internet connection and
it’s selected, it’s auto selected, it’s instantly working. So I come out of that and I go into
the Deeper Smart Sonar app. Turn it over so it’s landscape and on the side I’m waiting
for this little frequency, it’s showing that it’s starting
to read, it’ll start flickering. See that, the little wave files? That means it’s working. Dead easy.
Water’s showing nine degrees. Three and a half foot in the margin. Saying there’s a fish there.
I’m not so sure. But, look, David Seaman and
Matt Godfrey are down the bank. Matt’s had one fish, David’s not caught. We got here early on, we put the Deeper
out here to see the depths. We didn’t really know this lake. And while they’re not catching anything I thought I’d have a little chuck
up there with it because not only can I see
if there’s any deeper water where the fish might be holding up
in the cold, there might be different features
and when it is cold water, you don’t do it if it’s a busy lake, you don’t walk around with your Deeper
and cast it around everywhere, but you will see fish and
in the colder water they will ball up and you’re likely to see a few showing. So I’m going to have to
put it on the floor. If you’re fishing at range
I wouldn’t recommend doing this. I’d always say
hold the phone in your hand, get your mate to do it or use
the elastic system that comes, the Deeper rod mount
that goes just above the reel seat and you can
actually cast it out with it. So I’m going to lay it down here for now and hopefully
it will keep its connection. That’s the only thing
that might cut out the connection is it’s low down when I cast. But I’m going to go down the lake where I’ve got suspicions
the fish might be. Go right down there, bosh. I can retrieve it and have a look
and see what we’ve got. Five foot of water.
Oh, here we go, look. Boom. Fish. Mid water and as far away from us
as they could be. Look, more of them.
Loads of them here. Look, boom, boom, boom.
All over the gaff. And see these markings
in the middle of the sonar, that’s all fish noise
coming bouncing back. So as it’s sending the signal
up and down. So like I say, we just went for a spot
there and there was a ball of them which is the signature
of what you get in the cold water. So this time of year it really is
a case of location, location. Now, look, coming up,
apparently there’s a bar that runs right up the centre
of this lake and obviously no surprises
at the minute in this cold water, there’s nothing on the top of it. So I’ve just cast up the other end
of the lake and, boom, I’ve seen more fish than we’ve seen
all morning anywhere else. Right, so I can now
have a little cast about from here. I’m going to put my phone down
for a sec while I cast. I’m going to try to wind and
hold the phone at the same time like an absolute weirdo. Just flick it over to that far side.
Ooh, yeah, lovely. Right, okay. Here we go. Look, look at this. A big old ball of them here. Boom. So just off the back of the…
Look, look at this, all fish. Loads of them. So, just… That is so much activity. Considering
the water temperature’s good and there’s fish going to be
still moving, but look. Coming up to this bar,
more fish, more fish. This is obviously
a deeper end of the pool and the fish are here. So, look, more. Look at this, look.
Loads of them all along here. This bar obviously ends and
this is a deeper part of the lake. It just shows, just a walk around,
take your time, move and you’re on fish so that was it. Deeper, how to set it up. And a little cast from one swim
down to the other end of the lake, not only seeing the depths
but wow, look at this. Here I am with a rod.
There you go, hybrid feeder. Hookbait on the end,
little Guru ready-tied rig and I’m going to see, while the boys
are down there catching nothing, how quick with a little bit
of Deeper action I can get a bite. Set your stop clock.
Rod on the floor. Imagine I’d just gone
for a day’s winter stalking. Started the stop clock. See how quick
we can catch one here. Those boys have been fishing down there
for about two and a half hours with only one fish
and a few liners between them. Nine minutes. I’m not having it! Absolutely bang on
nine minutes to the second! To the second! I’ve had a bet with the cameraman,
he said 15, I said nine minutes. And I **** you not,
ladies and gentlemen, that went on exactly eight minutes
59 seconds, in fact, nine minutes, to the button.
I was counting down as it went. Cameraman, are you shocked? I need a landing net. That’s got to be
one of the funniest things ever. I do love a good bet. You could not,
honestly, that is hilarious. To the second, Mike. Mike,
what have you got to say about that? – I don’t believe it.
– Mike, you do believe it, though. That is outrageous. He can’t come off now, look. Let’s win this nine-minute bet. Found them. This is brilliant. Right, I reckon from… Hang on. From location to casting
in actual real fishing time that was about 13 minutes. Three hours in the wrong place,
no, about two and a bit hours. 13 minutes in the right place.
Nine minutes after the cast. Mike, put it here, bruv.

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  1. I can agree the deeper has put me on fish.. a guy come round so I showed him how it worked, in the area it pinged up fish I cast a small bag and within 5 minutes off it screamed!

  2. Awesome. I need to get me one of these!

    Don’t forget to register here for free. The prizes are amazing. And a lovely family run shop!!!

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