The Pole Feeder With Tom Hobbs

The Pole Feeder With Tom Hobbs

Hello We are on the River Thames today in the middle of Oxford As you can see it’s quite flooded And we’re going to ball it with groundbait Give it some And hopefully catch some bream The Pole Feeder With Tom Hobbs On the River Thames As you can see the river is really flowing and chocolate at the minute So the way that I’ve fed it is a half soil and half groundbait mix I’ve used two bags of Sensas River and a bag of Roach And made up the rest with soil It’s a really sticky mix I’ve chucked in 10 big balls at the start with no bait in at all And then very accurately I’ve cupped in another six that are rich with bait And I’ve topped up throughout the day with the feeder obviously So it’s a lot more accurate than fishing a feeder on a running line So this is the pole feeder rig A Drennan Oval Cage Feeder With a flat bottom for holding bottom in this really strong flow As you can see there is a lot of colour and we are fishing for big fish And we’ve got a 0.18mm hooklength to a size 12 Carbon Feeder About a 3ft hooklength I’m using the Side Pull Bead on my top kit To loop my main line around when fishing the pole feeder This is to help keep it off the water I’m just going to ship out What I’m doing Is plopping the feeder in Making a little bit of noise And hopefully – especially on this flooded river – that will help to attract some fish This is what I use for the bite detector for the pole feeder I’ve got a very big orange pole connector that’s very visible When you have your pole feeder out in the water this is how it will look So you have a big loop in the line And as you get a bite it will come like this So you will have this moving And eventually that will straighten out and you’ll play the fish off the main line And that line through there is just your main line Oh yes! First bream It’s just coming up About two and a half pound I think It’s in the net Hopefully the first of many I’ve brought a selection of baits today Maggots, pinkies, worms and casters And we’ve tried it all on the hook A worm tipped off with a bronze maggot was definitely a lot better than a red maggot It’s a lot more visible And in this coloured water that makes a massive difference We’ve tried maggots on the hook Reds, bronzes and bunches And this has by far been the better bait A much bigger bait for these conditions We are fishing for big fish A great day today on the river We’ve had three clonking roach Probably up to 14 ounces And three bream as well The best one probably pushing three pounds It proves on the river in the winter when it’s flooded You can have a really good day It’s a perfect method in the winter for catching quality fish

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  1. I used to pole feeder in the late 80s early 90s, Devastating method. You get some funny looks but then the results speak.

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