The Science Behind Trolling

The Science Behind Trolling

Well they are possibly the meanest, most annoying
people online. Internet trolls are people lurking in cyberspace
who launch attacks. The internet is an incredible tool but like
most tools it can be used as a weapon. Don’t listen to trolls and for god sake
don’t become one. I think that what we really need to focus
on is what the trends in research are showing of why people are doing this, and that’s the
only way to really start addressing internet trolling. So my name or title is Dr. Evita March, my
research is in cyber psychology. So in 2017, we were initially interested in
the dark tetrad, and empathy, and gender predicting trolling. Now, the dark tetrad is made up of four traits: So the first trait is narcissism, the second
trait is sadism, the third traits is Machiavellianism and the fourth trait is trait psychopathy. And I should note that these are considered
non clinical in that everyone has some level of these traits. We confirmed previous research that had found
individuals with a high level of sadism and psychopathy were more likely to perpetrate
trolling. We also found that, also confirming previous
research, men were more likely than women to perpetrate trolling. When it came to empathy, we found some really
interesting results. Individuals more likely to troll actually
had higher levels of cognitive empathy. So cognitive empathy is a more analytical
form of empathy, so it’s the ability to predict, and explain, and understand another person’s
emotions and experience. It’s not that they don’t understand what they’re
saying, they actually really understand what they’re saying, and they’re really good at
predicting what they’re going to say that will hurt you. We have a very unique leader. Whether you
love him or hate him, our president goes on twitter and trolls people. I think he’s what you call trolling. His goal was to troll the press. Trump is the world’s biggest troll and everybody
falls for it everyday. Trolling has really become prevalent, I guess,
in the media over the past five years. But it does have a longer history of being researched. Some of the initial definitions took the term
from the fishing term trolling. Basically putting a baited line out there
and just seeing what you could drag in. So it was a more lighthearted behavior, they
were the trickster, I guess, of the internet. Now it started, then, to take on a more insidious
form, and we started to see it more aligned with antisocial behaviors. That motivation and desire to cause social
mayhem and be motivated by atypical social rewards, was an extremely strong predictor
for internet trolling, which suggested to us that personality might only tell a part of the story. Actually if somebody’s really motivated by creating that social mayhem, that might be one of the best predictors for if they’re going to engage in internet trolling. The problem with rewards is that they’re addictive.
So the more I like feeling something, the more I might engage in that behavior to feel
it again. And what we also know from addictions is that
you have to continue increasing the level of behavior to feel the same reward as you
did before. So the other thing to really start considering
and addressing is that trolling could be an addictive behavior. And so another way of starting to manage and
prevent the behavior is treating trolling like an addiction, and treat it the same way
we treat other addictive behaviors. It’s only through building that kind of profile
of who the internet troll is, is what is going to lead us into
actually then saying, well, if we know that the internet troll is X,
then we know that X is usually treated with Y. And that’s really the only way that we’ll
be able to understand, manage, prevent behaviors.

92 thoughts on “The Science Behind Trolling

  1. What about the paid trolls, of which there are many organisations employing such Subversion tactics.

    What about the professional trolls?!

  2. Yeah.. trolling is really addictive. You just gotta try to realise it and catch yourself when you start becoming a toxic asshole on the internet. I find myself trolling and bullying people most often when I'm stressed and/or have nothing better to do with my life. Been doing this a lot less this past 3 months.. but it was really bad before and could probably come back at anytime. (Speaking from personal experience.)

  3. Most trolls are those who have lots of empty time in hand and are bored.. (yup millennials)
    Just recently I reported a person who was trolling peoples by editing their Facebook and Instagram pics and posting the edits almost all over. That person was fined and jailed!

  4. Why do you need to make a goddamn video about it? If you see a troll online trying to make fun of you, simply ignore it. End of story.

  5. This is the illustration of people continuing to reinvent what already existed before. Do some people really think that before the word "troll" nobody has had toxic and over sarcastic behaviors? Sarcasm, toxic, troll, for me these three words are synonyms. It happens it real life and on the internet. We do it, people do it to us. It's human nature at worst or a possible trait that don't affect everyone at best. Now I'm willing to know with which money they finance this useless study. I send my thoughts to people that pay taxes for these.

  6. I had friends, and stable source of income. Am happy and satisfied with life. Because I Troll is just I'm too bored and its really fun to do it and get away with it. Her study might apply on other troll but not me, or she is too new at this and probably unemployed too and started researching this weird behavior

  7. If you get hurt or offended by someone from the internet then I suggest that you stay off it because you have some mental issues to deal with. Only speaking truth and facts.

  8. How can you not include anonymity and no actual repercussions(on top of your psychology points), were the catalyst that allows trolls to trive

  9. You had me until 2:23. This upload is politically motivated, and MOST IMPORTANTLY does not define what a troll is before launching into it's non-sequiturs' attack. There is no scholarship here, it's all emotion and propaganda.

  10. Pause this at exactly the 4 minute and 20 second mark. Now let's look at this person. Why does she (?) need to have earbuds in? One pointy eyebrow, black right eye and how many nose rings? Who has blackout Venetian blinds like that and what is that over it's left shoulder? I think its a fancy light. The British accent and the aforementioned makes all this legit… right?

  11. Who is trolling who? Lmao. Trolling is just sarcasm. People don't understand sarcasm or trolling. Not everything is sarcasm. Not everything is trolling. It is the internet. You have a weak mind or self perseption if what you read hurts you.

  12. Well trolls can be fun when your messing with your friends in a way you dont hurt them and make then laugh at the end but offensive trolling is just crap

  13. 2007: Trolling was an art form being perfected by a few.
    2019: Listen to this internet doctor talk about trolling on the news.

  14. A lot of so called trolling these days are defined as anyone who has an opposing opinion to films for example, therefore trying to make their opinions invalid.

  15. Please stop. Trolls = Bullies, Bullies = No life, No life = you. You reading this means you have no life ,which makes you a bully ,which makes you a troll.

  16. what makes the speaker an expert in the field? she has a nose ring!… i have never met a doctor in my entire life that had such a job blocker. just sayin

  17. here is a troll comment that is supported by science. don't be mad, here it goes….
    people on the right are better looking and happier. people on the left are typically bitter, unhappy and uglier.

  18. And of course the only ones whining in this video about being "trolled" are the ones who, fairly and squarely, lost the 2016 U.S. election for POTUS. And in response to that turn of events, those individuals (who absolutely refuse to get the joke which IS trolling), they instead have spawned and nurtured such illegal, violent, and NON-trolling activities as doxxing, and Antifa. As well as the favorite current day tactic of rooting through an "enemy's" social media history, in order to discover and use any years or even decades old comment, completely devoid of any historical context of the time, and present it for present day "scrutiny", with the intent to completely ruin any future economic livelihood.

  19. Prevent behaviours? Well if that isn't narcissism, I don't know what is. Sounds very libtard if you ask me. Scream tolerance, then attack people who don't agree with you.

  20. never once defined Trolling – very scientific Bloomberg

  21. If I see a post of someone making a death threat, wanting to purge an entire social group, or saying that their going to sow some politician's mouth shut I'm not going to ignore it. I'm going to report it.

  22. The issue with Trumptard's troll base is they are subsidized to do so–they are paid to do it–and equipped with party line shots at public opinions. It is very Russian in its precision online. it is not merely trolling or bots, it is a combination of them plus a Cambridge Analytica type entity feeding them the responses and party lines to provide the appearance of a majority of people thinking the same thing online, when in actuality it is a few people with dozens of fake identities on Youtube rotating in and out of rooms. You can tell the Russian trolls (subsidized) vs. the morons in Red States doing it cuz they're bored, because the Russian trolls take nothing personally, use your response as their platform and go after searchable mentions of whatever issue they need to sponsor that day.

  23. This is complete nonsense based in gender studies nonsense not psychology. If you cannot read and pronounce the words you wrote you need to step back to the coloring book. Shameful. Lumping critique of stupidity in with actual abuse is as pathetic as this thesis

  24. Maybe learn the difference between ‘trawl’ and ‘troll’ before you decide you’re expert enough to speak on anything.

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