The Shimano TX Lite 9ft 3lb Rod | Shimano Tribal Europe

06:00 in the morning! The best time for stalking. It’s at first light, when the sun rises.
It’s just coming up. It’s the best time to try to trick these carps. I’m out with the new TX Lite rod. Perfect stalking rod in the 9ft range. I made my way around,
And I saw a few fish from the other side of the bank. I flipped the rod out… …hand-full of bait, all we have to do now is,
be very very quiet, And hopefully get a bite. So I gave it 15-20 minutes,
but no sign of fish, we move on, have a look around,
see if we can see any fish somewhere else. Stalking is al about being mobile, looking for the fish,
and trying to catch them. Ok, I moved all the way to the other site of the lake,
seen a few fish showing along these weeds. So I am going to flip it in, and give it 20 minutes here. See if we can catch one. Finally I got a fish on. Wow… The action of this TX Lite rod is really really good. I mean, for a 4 piece rod, you would not expect,
such true action like that. Here come’s the reward. Look at that…

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