60 thoughts on “The Southern Manitoba Walleye Tour – FILM

  1. Yes yes yes yes yes another jay siemins vid I wish Simms wasn’t so expensive but love the content man the best out there love to go fishing with u some time

  2. Wow, look at those colors! They're almost more blue than green. So different than the walleyes you catch in Nopiming or Kenora area (more black and gold colored). Almost like a different species.

  3. Atta be jay! Always get a kick out of your content! Keep it coming
    What is the plan for worst case scenario for the boat launch?
    Use a come along? Kitty litter? Tire chains?

  4. INSANE GREENBACKS 🤭 who wouldn’t love to catch those beautiful walleyes! Hoping to get on some big greenbacks one day!

  5. Each trip out is getting a little harder to handle but hopefully, we can get out on the boat 2 or 3 more times before I have to pack my boat up. Great vid Jay those walleyes look plenty big from over here in Ontario!

  6. My first and unfortunately only walleye was a gorgeous 26" greenback bankfishing the red river (breezy point) im hoping to catch another later today 🤞. Good ole manitoba boys -3 pffff tis just a bit nippy. Tight lines guys…awesome vids

  7. Awesome Tour Jay, great info specially in this one!! All these years and I’ve never fished in pine falls myself either, next year it is!! Thanks and don’t wait to long for ice vids.. 😉☺️

  8. Go Go Gravel Lizards👍👍👍
    Tie up a 1/2 Buck or Doe tail with your first deer of the season and use it to catch a big old eye.
    It's my November tradition🍀🎣✌

  9. I'm so disappointed…….

    I'm so disappointed that I can't like this video more than 1 time.
    Getting it done. Show everyone how to do it.
    Thank you Jay, for the best content. Keep it up

  10. So good.
    Jay my wife keeps asking when we're gonna get to see Sam smash that big Muskie?
    Full disclosure I want to see it too lol.

  11. I love Jay's videos besides one part. 26.2k subs, 182 likes, 2508 views. Its BS these are the best made, informational videos on youtube about fishing with monster fish. I love uncut, I really do, but the quality of these videos are way better.

  12. Amazing! I couldn’t imagine catching fish while snow built up in the boat. Given, I live in Tennessee and if there is snow on the ground, people don’t think about going fishing lol another awesome film, Jay!

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  14. You guys are CRA-ZY (in a good way)!!! I must be honest, I was really happy enjoy that fishing day from my heated house! Those green back are gorgeous! Maybe one day…

  15. Amazing looking fish! I think that's going on my list of places to fish! I might pick warmer weather though… I'd definitely be the guy crying he was cold all day lol

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