“Tip-up Kids, First Ice Crappie & Last Chance Musky” Full Length (TV Show 4) – Uncut Angling

[Aaron Wiebe:] Today
on Uncut Angling, we’re on the ice for the
first time this year. I got my buddy
Darcy Cox with me, we’re looking for some
first ice crappies. Not only that, in the
afternoon, we’re breaking ice, holding on to the last bit
of the muskie season here. Got him.
Got him. Whoa! [Darcy:] Nice fatty. Cisco-filled belly. [Aaron Wiebe:]
This is Uncut Angling. Thanks for tuning in. This program’s part
entertainment, and part education,
with some ridiculous. We’re hot on YouTube
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there for the latest. I’m your Aaron Wiebe, the host. Jay Siemens is doing a
lot of the camera work, and a fleet of other
contributors working with us to give you the goods on
whatever bites we’re chasing. We don’t script our shows,
and we don’t stage hook sets. Strip our passion right down, and it’s exactly
the same as yours. Unscripted, unstaged,
uncut, this is Uncut Angling. Uncut Angling is
proudly partnered with… [Aaron:] I got my little
cousins out, Jamie who’s six, Robin who’s seven,
and Tommy who’s ten. I’m showing them the
basics of tipup fishing. Okay, so here’s how
these get set up. So we kind of push that
out, and the flag slides up. This is what’s going to tell us
if we have a fish from far away. This is way cooler than
fishing with your rod, isn’t it? You get to see the fish
from really far away. [Child:] Yeah! [Aaron:] Yeah. Plus, if somebody does
happen to take a nap, then the rods are still
doing something. So what I use here is this
little clip on weight, I clip it onto the hook
and I drop it in. See how it’s
spinning out to the bottom? [Child:] Yeah. [Aaron:] Okay, so right
there, it hit the bottom. Right…there. Right there, I can feel
that that’s on the bottom. So I want my bait to be
sitting off the bottom anywhere in this range. Not right on the bottom,
but just sitting up above the bottom a little. So now that I have that marked, can you hold that
with your hand? Yeah, okay. And now I’m going
to reel up to there. And now I know when I set
that that bait’s going to be two feet off the bottom. So we pull the clip back up, because that’s not going
to catch any fish. Okay. [indistinct] [Child:] Are we going
to catch a big fish? [Aaron:] Well we’re going to
catch a fish bigger than this. [Child:] Yeah, I know. [Aaron:] See I hook it twice, and that’s how it’s
going to hang. Big meal down there. Look good? [Child:] Yeah. [Aaron:] Okay, so that’s
going to go down and sink to the bottom, and then this is set
at that exact depth that we want it set at. And there we go, we have one in. Yeah, because then the thing
will move when the fish goes– [Aaron:] See, if the
fish is pulling, then the flag would go up. Pretty cool, huh? [Child:] Yeah. So we’re going to
have like a trapline of all these tipups set up, and we can just watch,
and when ones goes up, we’ll know that we
got a fish on it. Perfect, right there. Jamie, we have all our lines in.
We’re fishing. [Jamie:] All of them,
even the black one? [Aaron:] No, I mean we’ve got as
many as we’re allowed to put in. What are you going to carry,
you going to carry the pail? [Jamie:] Yeah. [Aaron:] Okay. [Jamie:] I can do this. [Aaron:] You can carry this?
Okay. Just carry that back. Yeah, just bring it with you. [Jamie:] I can’t. [Aaron:] Oh, you can’t. You want me to
carry that one, then? Okay, you take the scoop,
that’ll make more sense. [Child:] Cousin Aaron!
Found some twigs. [Aaron:] Yeah! Let’s build it right here. Nice tree, but we
need more wood first. [Child:] Well how
much sticks do we need? [Aaron:] Well, the more we have,
the longer we’ll have a fire, otherwise the fire
will go out quick. [Tommy:] Cousin
Aaron, is that a flag? [Aaron:] Yes, that
is a flag, Tommy! [Jamie:] I don’t want to
reel it, Tommy, you reel it. [Aaron:] Not right now,
don’t do anything, because right now
he’s not there. Now watch, see how it’s
spinning a little bit? Now he’s on there. You want him to be
moving away with it, and then you grab the line and just give it a little bit of
a pull to dig those hooks in, and don’t let it wrap
around your fingers, let him run if he wants to run, or else you pull it
in hand over hand. [Jamie:] This is awesome! Whoo! [Tommy:] I think he’s gone. [Aaron:] He was just there. [Jamie:] You yelled! [Aaron:] You think he heard me? Okay, so what we’ll try doing,
is I’m going ot pick it up, and you’re going
to grab the line, and I’m just going to
turn the line up to you. Just pull up the
line real slow, and as soon as you feel
anything, don’t pull on it. Because we want to wait for
him to be pulling away, okay? So if you feel
something, don’t pull on it. Don’t pull, don’t pull hard. Can you feel anything? No? Just nice and easy. [indistinct] Just nice and easy, he
could still be on there. Because see, the line’s
going off to the side. He swam over that way, and
now he’s probably swam back. [Tommy:] Oh yeah,
I feel something. [Aaron:] You feel something? If he starts pulling–
Is he pulling? [Tommy:] Yeah. [Aaron:] Okay, grab the
line, and give him a jerk. Give him a jerk. Okay, now keep
reeling, keep reeling. Is he on there still? [Tommy:] Oh yeah, yeah! I can feel him jerking in there. [indistinct] [Aaron:] The fish is
shaking down there. Keep lifting. [Tommy:] He’s right here. [Aaron:] Okay, let him shake. [Jamie:] He might
be a [indistinct]. [Aaron:] No, it’s a pike. [cheering] Wow, nice pike! Okay, watch the hooks. You want to just lift him up? Put both hands out,
put one hand here and put the other
hand near the tail. Yeah, right like that. Wow, that’s a nice big pike! Yeah, a little bit of blood. Cool! Robbie, see the
size of that pike? [Jamie:] That’s awesome! [Tommy:] There’s a leech on it. Have you caught
one that big before? No. No. Okay, lower him down
nice and slowly, we’re going to get
that hook out. I’ll grab him here. [indistinct] Look, there’s a leech on him. [Aaron:] Okay, so let’s
get his mouth open here, and see the other
hook down there? Are you going to try
and get those out? The hooks are barbless,
they’ll come out nice and easy. Good job. The fish is bleeding
just a little bit, but we’re going to eat
this one anyways, right? You guys want to fry a fish up? [Together:] Yeah! A little bit of
blood, no big deal. [Jamie:] No big deal. No big deal. Want to kiss him? No! ♪ music ♪ Got him.
Got him. Whoa! [Aaron:] If it doesn’t go
through on one swing, I’m really not too worried. This is first ice. Right, man. [chopping] [Aaron:] Kind of nice not
to have to carry an auger this time of year. It is definitely very
early in the season, there’s three inches
of really good ice, which is surprisingly strong. A lot of people that don’t
spend a lot of time on the ice don’t have a clue about it. And if you’re not
completely comfortable– You gotta be comfortable
with going through, and that, we are for
sure comfortable with. Darcy and I have both
fell through the ice before. We’re both wearing ice picks. You can claw your
way out of the ice, and we came out here in
the dark this morning. We got these ropes
that we had just slipknotted around our waists,
and we were all tied together, including the cameraman. To be extra safe, we
were checking the ice every 10-15 minutes
with the axe, just to make sure
there’s no bad spots. And if we do fall through, it’s
not the end of the world, you know? Somebody’s going to
claw their way out. There are risks to be taken,
but not unnecessary risks, and you got to be
prepared for them. We’re going to keep
fishing for a little bit, even though it’s apparently
pretty stupid to be doing. Alrighty. [Darcy:] Got a fish
coming up here for sure. [Aaron:] I wonder if me cutting
a hole right beside you would spook them. [Darcy:] He’s already looked at
this stuff, he’s probably like, “What the hell do
I want that for?” [Aaron:] Is he still there? Okay here, I’ll drop down
the same hole, see if– We might get tangled, but
keep on that side of the hole. [Darcy:] What does it look like? Oh, there’s another one. [Aaron:] There’s two. [Darcy:] Oh, that
one’s coming hard. [Aaron:] We’re tag teaming these
fish, I’ve got a bigger bait on, Darcy’s got something smaller– Oh! First crappie of the year! Thanks, Darcy. You deserve a huge
assist for that one. [Darcy:] Ooh,
it’s not a bad one. [Aaron:] Not a bad one at all. [Darcy:] Sweet, sweet. Nice. He took that big bait, right
in the top of his mouth there. [Darcy:] I think I
might still be able to get this other
one going, too. That’s what happens when you get
a couple come on the screen, we had a chance at one there, and as soon as the second one
came on the screen it was– [Darcy:] He just
blasted past the other one. I’m going to drop this one
back in, and there he goes. Sweet. Awesome. We went through the whole
morning with absolutely nothing. We just kept cutting holes,
and a couple are showing up. This is a hole we
already fished, and I guess the fish
are just getting active. Cool. I’ll let you have that whole. [Darcy:] Alright. Thank you. [Aaron:] Thanks, buddy. [Darcy:] See what
I can do with it. Here we go again. [Aaron:] You got another one? [Darcy:] Yeah.
Got another one coming up. [Aaron:] How hot is he? [Darcy:] Hot.
Hot hot hot hot hot. [Aaron:] I’m stealing
him if you don’t get him. [Darcy:] Got him.
Got him. [Aaron:] Whoa! [laughing] [Darcy:] Ooh, he’s pulling. [Aaron:] This is probably
that other fish that was in. This one is nice. Is that him? [Darcy:] Aw, you beat me. [indistinct] Darcy has a total different
presentation on here, he’s got a couple
little hair jigs. That fish took a little more
delicate presentation, look at this. If he had any more
of a harelip there. Cool. [Darcy:] Excellent. Nice little crappie,
second one of the morning, and stuff’s starting to happen. This fish is all charged
up, it should be good to go. There he goes! Let’s see if you got
another one there. [Darcy:] Yep.
Yes, right now, actually. [Aaron:] Right on the bottom. [Darcy:] Go go go. [Aaron:] This has got
another fish marking, and I cut another hole
right beside him and this way we can
kind of tag team the fish…with two
different lures. You don’t mind, right Darcy? [laughing] [Darcy:] I don’t.
I guess. I got the heavier jig on,
which is kind of going to play to my advantage here. Oh are you down there first? [Darcy:] I got it. [Aaron:] You can see the
fish is that big red mark off the bottom here. [Darcy:] Here she
comes, here she comes. [Aaron:] She’s coming up for
Darcy’s jig maybe, maybe my jig. [Darcy:] She’s looking
at you now, I think. [Aaron:] Is she? Oh, is this ever exciting!
Come on up, girl. It’s the beauty of when you’re
fishing in three inches of ice. I just popped this
hole in seconds. And I can try and
steal Darcy’s fish, whereas the middle of
winter, I couldn’t. [Darcy:] A little
bit higher, actually. [Aaron:] I couldn’t be too
subtle with drilling a hole through three feet of ice. What’s happening? Darcy, tell me about it. [Darcy:] She’s just
sitting, she’s checking us out. Okay, she just
made a little bit up. A little bit up. Do you want to see here? Oh up, up. [Aaron:] Oh, hah! [indistinct] And I think she ate. Looks like another big fish. Oh, yeah.
That’s a big crappie. [Darcy:] Very nice.
Oh, yeah. [Aaron:] Yes! [Darcy:] Sweet! [Aaron:] We love
crappies in the winter! [Darcy:] Killer. We were already talking
about going muskie fishing this afternoon, and I think we still
are, we’re just going to get more of these,
and get out of here. Wicked big crappie. [Darcy:] Excellent. Big body. Alright, sweet. [Aaron:] That one
took the big bait. Like I said, I stole that fish
fair and square from Darcy, I got a blade on my bait. A nice big minnow. [Darcy:] Let’s go
muskie fishing. [Aaron:] Uh…is that
what we want to do? Feeling a little
bit robbed, I bet. [Darcy:] Yeah. [splashing] Hi, my name is Ken Kansas, I’m a fisheries biologist with
the province of Manitoba. Catch and release fishing
has come a long long way. It needs to go further. We need to realize there’s
so much more to it than just putting that
fish back in the water. Let’s face it. As anglers, it’s
all about the fight. I admit, I’m a chronic
angler myself, I love the fight. But we have to
keep our fight short. The longer the fight, the
more stress on the fish. You get lactic acid buildup. Lactic acid is a
byproduct of a muscle exertion. If it builds up too much,
it can be deadly for fish. I mean it’s got
the word acid in it. It can’t be good. Don’t under-gear
on oversized fish. Use the proper gear
for the proper fish, or that fish will be
in big-time trouble. Hey, you really think you
can hold a fish my size with that ultra light gear? I don’t think so, man. I am gone! You can’t hold me. I’m done. [gasps] [bleep] Oh, man. Because you use that light
tackle, like man, I’m exhausted. I can barely stand. I want to barf. You may not be able to see
it, but inside I’m dying. Then you take a picture
and release me, and I’ll walk off and die. That’s no good for
Ken Kansas, man. Peace. So the goal is to
release these fish right. Properly. Not just to watch it swim away, but that there’s a
realistic chance that that fish can be
caught again one day. [Aaron:] Here’s my dad Darrel
and his friends Brian and Henry with a 44-inch pike
that Brian hauled through the ice last March. We sent the pictures to
fisheries biologist Ken Kansas to see if he knew the fish. Well he did. Fisheries does extensive
population studies in the area, and this photo of the same fish
was taken ten months prior, a mile away in a
creek where the fish had just finished its
spring spawning. [Aaron:] Add that
one to the day. Crappies in the
morning, [indistinct] [Aaron:] Slow down here? We were standing on
three inches of ice fishing for crappies
like an hour ago. Now we got the boat out and
we’re fishing for some muskies. [Darcy:] Finally. Are we not? This is Darcy Cox of Tank
Industries, he’s the reason we’re in [indistinct],
we’ve been begging him to take us out muskie fishing, and he said, “I’ll take
you out muskie fishing, but I want to go for crappie”,
so we messed around with that. I’m kidding.
He wants to fish for muskies. [laughing] [Darcy:] Oh, look at that.
That’s what we’re here for. [Aaron:] Bait. K. [Darcy:] For shallower
baits on the outside, we’ll run the deep blue
water down the middle so it stays out of the
way of everything, and then put another
shallower bait on the other side. It gets everything
away from each other. [Aaron:] You got a
big gram on that side? [Darcy:] I do, yeah. [Aaron:] How far
back do you put that? [Darcy:] I’m going
to go 50 feet back. [Aaron:] And what am I going
to do with this perch bait? [Darcy:] Perch, go 50 as well. [Aaron:] Okay,
I’ll give you that and let you put out the rest. I’m going to get this one too. How far back did
you say on this one? [Darcy:] 20 feet
back on that one. [Aaron:] We got a cool
deal going here, something we’re
just playing with, we got three lines so we can experiment
with this last one. We’ve got a big marlin fly
trailering behind there, three feet behind there. What did you tie that on with? [Darcy:] Seven strand. [Aaron:] Seven strand? 90 pound test? [Darcy:] Yep, 90 pound.
Figure eight knot. Nice and easy. [Aaron:] This is
going to go back– [Darcy:] 20 feet. [Aaron:] 20 feet back. [Darcy:] Yeah, it’s a 2
to 1 bait, pretty much– [Aaron:] 2 to 1 meaning? [Darcy:] 20 feet of
line back, 10 feet down. 40 feet of line
back, 20 feet down. Approximately. [Aaron:] That’s really simple. [Darcy:] Very deep diving bait. And you’re going to have
to hold this as well, you can’t keep it
in the holder. It’s very expensive bait. It dives very deep. [Aaron:] So I have to
drive the boat and hold this? [Darcy:] You do, sorry buddy. [Aaron:] And then you get
to take the fish off both those rods, is
that how this goes? [Darcy:] This is the deal. I am officially not the
guide today, I guess. [laughing] [reel whirring] See how fast Darcy got the
rod out of the holder there, he gave it just a
little bit of slack. The bait corked up
out of the snag. That’s another reason he’s
got me holding this centre rod. It’s the deepest line, and I can
quickly just lift my rod tip up, I lift my rod tip up six, seven
feet, and that’s going to lift that bait up six, seven feet,
and keep it out of trouble. [Darcy:] So this
pops out a little bit. It’s tough, isn’t it? [Aaron:] Yeah. To just try to follow your
20 foot line I guess, it’s possible to feel for
it the first time around. [Aaron:] Okay. Am I going to work both
sides of it eventually? [Darcy:] Yeah.
Which, I think is a necessity. [Aaron:] Oh! Yeah, yeah! It’s on the fly, too, man! It’s on the fly. It’s on the fly because
it’s doing some funny things. I’m just trying to keep
it off this other rod. [Darcy:] Reel hard, then.
Just bring him right in. [Aaron:] Just bring him in? [Darcy:] Bring him right in. Hard hard hard. He’s right here,
he’s right here. [Aaron:] Oh, it’s
not on the other one. Unreal. [Darcy:] You got her! Cool. [laughing] Sorry, I’m a mess. [Aaron:] He must
have come forward, because it went
slack or something. [Darcy:] Okay, release tools. Just taking out your lures. So we got her on Blue
Water baits, Fire Tiger. [indistinct] Wicked baits, caught a
lot of fish on them lately. We pull them right
behind the boat. It’s a good one that can stay
out of the way of everything. [Aaron:] Yeah, it only had like
22 feet on the counter there. [Darcy:] 22 feet out. [Aaron:] Rigged in tandem
with the big streamer fly. Even though it didn’t
eat that streamer fly, you got kind of a school
effect going on down there. And did the trick on this one. It’s not a monster Darcy, but that’s the first
fish of the day. Awesome. Not a bad little fish. [Darcy:] Alright, let’s see her. [Aaron:] Nice fatty. [Darcy:] Awesome. [Aaron:] Add that
one into the day. Crappies in the morning,
and there’s one of, maybe the only muskie, maybe
we got more today, we’ll see. [Darcy:] Almost didn’t get
her because of the net job. [Aaron:] Darcy salvaged that
net job alright, and he got it. Is that like a 42-inch
fish or something, Darcy? [Darcy:] Looks about that. [Aaron:] Did he go
in hard, or what? [Darcy:] Excellent, man.
Good stuff, good stuff. Let’s do some more. Bigger. [indistinct] Big, fat muskie, baby. [Aaron:] We’ve really been doing
some run and gun trolling here. Darcy’s letting me
drive the boat, but he’s taking us
to these spots, and pointing with his lip,
pointing with his hands, giving me the laydown– Lay of the land. [Darcy:] Yeah. Usually it’s better for
numbers to go spot to spot that you know is productive. You know, we’ve been hitting
some of my best stuff, back to back to back. Everything’s within a
minute drive of one another. It’s better to just go to
your spots and work them over and over again
if you need to. I’d rather work this spot
three or four times as opposed to
trolling like crazy down a shoreline to
go to the next spot, or going and hitting something that I don’t know is good. So in between there, there’s
a little five foot thinger, but we want to kind of
stick to the outside edge. You can go straight,
and then out, or you can just
kind of lobe off. Just try to get our
lures in front of that whole narrows
as best you can. [Aaron:] I just got
another pull, push. Yeah, baby. Exactly the same
thing with a push. I’m just trying to
keep his head down. You want this other
rod out of the way? [Darcy:] Okay, perfect. Because you got a
couple seconds here. I see him coming up to
the surface over there. [Aaron:] Whoa,
there she goes, man. Can’t even…keep it down. This fish has energy. Oh yeah, she’s
wrapped up like crazy. You’re gonna just
probably scoop her, eh? Because she’s spun
all over the place. [Darcy:] I think we got to
go backwards on this one. I’m still gonna try to get
her by the head somewhat. [Aaron:] I got the
motor in reverse, because I don’t want
to drag this fish any more than I have to. [indistinct] Wow, that fish is
all over the place. Yes!
That’s a big fish! [Darcy:] That’s not
a bad one, for sure. [Aaron:] Big belly. [Darcy:] Looking good. [Aaron:] Okay, release tools? Let’s get her unwrapped. Flip it over. [Darcy:] Alright. [Aaron:]This fish isn’t
doing too well right now, she’s really pink already. [Darcy:] She cheered up once
she got the hook out of her. Alright. [Aaron:] You know what? Those hooks are so bad,
I’m just going to get the fish and not worry about
those hooks at all. Help me out. [Darcy:] There you go. [Aaron:] Big fat muskie, baby! Second one of the day. [Darcy:] Big cisco belly. [Aaron:] Same bait. Just going to slide her
back in the water immediately. [Darcy:] Yep. [Aaron:] Not really worried
about the measurement here. Okay. There she goes!
Oh yeah. Sweet. [Aaron:] Uncut Angling is
proudly partnered with… [Cameraman:] What’s your biggest
fish? 12 feet. [Cameraman:] 12 feet? Really. Yep.

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