Tips on Fishing with Spinning Reels

Tips on Fishing with Spinning Reels

A lot of anglers use spinning tackle exclusively,
yet there are some anglers who shy completely away from it. Here are a few tips to help you get more out
of your spinning tackle. My rule of thumb for spinning tackle is always
use 10 lb. line or less. Usually when I’m fishing with straight fluorocarbon
it’s going to be 6-8 lb. line. That just helps alleviate the problems you’ll
have with loops and knots in your lines. One thing that’s definitely changed spinning
tackle in recent years is braid. The braids have gotten a lot better. Now you can put 20 lb. braid on here but you
still have the diameter of 6 lb. line and that’s one of the reasons I use braid now. I can put heavier line on here, it casts further,
it’s a small diameter but I can put a leader, you know I can take a leader of 8 lb. fluorocarbon
here with an Alberto knot and attach it and use it all day without any problems. With spinning tackle you really want to whip
cast it more than you want to do like a bait caster where you’re making a long wide cast
because the lure is pulling the line up. With a spinning rod it’s going to pull it
off the spool and coil so you really need to whip the bait. When I make a cast, I want to cast out and
as I do, I feather it with my line and stop it with my hand. Then I close the bail by hand, never with
the reel and I pull the line tight. And what that does is it gets any loose coils
that are in here under your spool tightened back out before you start working the lure
back in. Whether you’re using straight fluorocarbon
or braid with a fluorocarbon liter, use the lighter lines, make whip casts, feather your
line with your finger, close the spool by hand and you’ll have no problem using spinning
gear for all of your needs.

35 thoughts on “Tips on Fishing with Spinning Reels

  1. Great tip on closing the bail manually! Working at a "major outdoor retailer" it blows my mind how many customers don't realize that this is actually the proper way to do it and that it helps eliminate twists and knots. The most expensive line in the world will get all twisted up if you snap the bail forward with the handle.

  2. It still amazes me how many people don't know how to properly put line ON a spinning reel. If you neglect to put the line on the correct way you are going to get line twist and loops no matter how you cast it.

  3. Great video! I've been using braid with mono and floro leaders for years with no problems for finesse and topwater spinning gear. I've always used a double uni to join them, what knot do you use?


  4. We use the alberto or modified albright knot. It's a smaller knot than the double uni and you can cut the tag end super short so it comes through the guides a lot better. We have a video on the alberto knot on our channel.

  5. Awesome! I checked out that video on the alberto knot. I will definitely give that one a try. I noticed you guys do product reviews. Would you like to try any of our products?


  6. Is that okay if i use 8 pound braid with no leader on a smaller river? We are fishing for trout and walleye.

  7. Can you give any advise on when to use spinning equipment VS baitcasting equipment? I've used nothing but a spinning rig for every type of lure when bass fishing, that's just what I grew up on and have been used to. But I see the pros rarely using a spinning rig it seems like. Are spinning rigs mainly for crankbaits, spinnerbaits, etc? Any reply would be great, as this is something that has always confused me. Oh yeah….SUBBED..Thanks!

  8. Most pros use baitcasters to use bigger lines and heavier baits. After about 10 pounds line gets hard to manage on spinning gear unless you use braid. So guys will go to bigger lines and bigger baits with baitcasters. For me personally I will fish senkos, shaky heads, drop shots on spinning gear and maybe small light crankbaits or jerkbaits that I fish on light line in clear water. Baitcasters I will fish just about everything else.

  9. The ending was awesome. Not so much for the fish, but it's definitely interesting to the human viewer. 😉

  10. Okay what about spinning gear for frog fishing? Because I use 10lb mono on a mega cast spinning reel and on a diawa rod 6'6" medium rod. But this upcoming season I'll be doing same reel but spooled up with 50lb hi-vis powerpro with about 10-12ft of 12lb mono for the leader and shock absorption. What's your input on that? Oh and frog choice is a 1/4 oz and the larger 1/2oz frogs hollow body.

  11. anybody have used treasure magnet with 120kg pull power for cathing losted spoon baits ?

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