Today’s Fishing Report from Bartlett Lake

Today’s Fishing Report from Bartlett Lake

[Music] hey guys we’re up here at Bartlett lake
today decided to come up here on a Thursday after a major front cold front
a lot of rain so bluebird skies by temperature probably got up to about 59
60 degrees the low this morning we didn’t get here
until 9:30 so the low this morning here was 44 degrees and water comfort was 54
and as you can see behind me these coves back in these all these tributaries that
go off the main lake are about sixty degrees perfect for spawning so the
fishing wasn’t that great today caught one had one on and got a bite and missed
it let me show you what I’m throwing today I was throwing this little power
worm like this a lot of color in there because the water is pretty dingy but
you can find some clear water in the backs of the cove so that was one of the
things that I got started throwing a lot of these crank baits like this red and
color with black black ribs didn’t have any strikes on that one pound in the
bottom tried that for quite a while little spinner baits like this little
thin wire spinner baits decided to use a gold and a silver and nothing on that
used it quite a bit so after I didn’t get any fish I went to bounce on the
bottom so what we used was two major baits today one was the morning Dawn with
chartreuse that looked like this and the other was 5150 plastic and I got my two
fish on this one that I landed and they had one on and lost it this is like
peanut butter and jelly peanut butter jam bait it’s oxblood on the bottom
purple on the top and kind of looks like this okay so this company I’ve been
using their baits now for three months and we’ll tell you what
that is a unique worm it really works good this purple and ox blood mixed
really catches the fish most of the time you know when they’re halfway biting it
works great at Lake Pleasant I use this on Saturday they cut all my fish on this stain it chartreuse on that tail and
that’s what helped me a little bit by putting the chartreuse on there he does
have baits that are our chartreuse great little bait this bait now finally went
online has a website 5150 plastic and garlic goes right in the plastic these
guys really make a good worm I am I’ve been having a lot of luck with it like I
said I’ve been properly fished it I know I’ve been fishing this since probably
December November December and I did the Tokyo rig on one of these and cut like
quite a few fish so I’ve been testing it out seeing which one’s the best
this purple ones been working good but he has about forty different colors so I
kind of probably if I keep using it up I’m gonna keep using it I definitely
that tell you what if the bait falls off and it falls off your hook when you get
a fish on all you got to do is just go over get the net scoop it up clip off
the end of it now you can reuse it again you probably can catch ten fish off of
one bait so great thing to have you know other than that I wish I could tell you
some more you know fish the bat we’ve been fishing the backs of the coves and
it’s hard for you to see this one’s pretty clear main lake it’s pretty clear
the cove is but brand new Lake I mean it’s
gosh it’s right up to the top maybe another foot or two and it’s going to be
plumb fall but it’s it’s kind of neat and I’ll tell you what the fish are
setting herself up they are in 10 12 15 feet of water and if that water
temperature keeps coming up the next few days they’re gonna be on the beds
probably some of them are already are you know I just had a tough day today
because of the front afterwards so that’s my fishing report today you’re
watching fishing with Gary next week I’ll be out the ISEE show over there and
west west world so you can come visit me over there at the nitro boat center and
if you have any questions we’ll be doing some Matt and I’ll be doing some things
at the tank and you can come over and talk to us John you’ll be there I’ll be
there some of the other guys will be there and come visit us over at the
nitro tracker Center we’ll be glad to ask her ask answer any questions you
have hope you guys do good thanks for watching my videos you

13 thoughts on “Today’s Fishing Report from Bartlett Lake

  1. Thanks for the info been wanting to get out there heard it was chacolate milk good the hear the coves are clearing up

  2. when YOU only catch one.. you know it was a tuff day … I will be out there Tuesday … will be interesting to see how it goes

  3. Gary, Your reports are much appreciated – they are well done, informative, and you're not afraid to say you had a slow day… Thanks!

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