Top 10 Animal Trolls in Speedrunning

Top 10 Animal Trolls in Speedrunning

Hello everyone it’s Bescape, and welcome
to the Top 10 Animal Trolls in Speedrunning. So when I was researching clips for this video,
it became apparent that very few of them exist. The clips include various pets in which they
either could have potentially ruined or did completely ruin a speedrun, to them just having
fun in front of the camera. As for the narration of this video, it’s
going to be very limited because most of the clips explain themselves. However, I would highly recommend watching
this video to the end, because these are some top-tier trolls, and in addition, you will
not want to miss this video’s honorable mention. As always, these clips are in no particular
order, and this list isn’t limited to what’s featured. Anyways let’s get started, and I hope you
all enjoy. First on the list is The Legend of Zelda:
Majora’s Mask, featuring EnNopp112’s cat. What’s amazing about this clip is that EnNopp
was able to get a 42 minute run in Any% before Moon Warp was even discovered, all thanks
to cat strats. Next up is Emptyeye’s run of Dragon Warrior. Now although Mario the Cat doesn’t necessarily
ruin the run, Emptyeye simply continued the run by looking over him. Third on the list is… well… another run
of Majora’s Mask. Clearly there’s a recipe for disaster with
owning an animal and being a Majora’s Mask runner. Anyways… PopeSquidward falls victim to the good old
cat reset. So I should mention that even if your timer
is accidentally stopped during a run, you can still continue and simply re-time it at
the end. That’s actually going to be the case for
a few of these clips. But when you’re mid-run and your cat stops
the timer, exits out of Twitch chat, basically tries to shut your whole stream down, it can
be pretty annoying; which is why a lot of runners will just take the reset. During a run of Borderlands 2, Amyrlinn’s
cat simultaneously skips a split and sits on the pause key. Instead of resetting the run, Amyrlinn simply
continues it and re-times the run at the end. The run was a new personal best for him, and
you could say it was because of good execution, but I would say it was because of the cat. Here we have the famous Earthbound speedrun
from sinistralt314, in which his dog Karl got a little too excited. So since this run was on emulator, Karl accidentally
ran over a key that was set to load a save state, thus invalidating the run; wasting
over 3 hours of time. Next up is Stealinbread’s run of Final Fantasy
VII. Just like PopeSquidward’s cat, Stealinbread’s
cat manages to find the reset key. Next up is Ali…wait a second, she’s not a speedrunner. For
this entry, the speedrunner Mcgarbage wasn’t really negatively affected by his cat, but
rather, his cat just wanted to play with him during a Golden Eye 007 run. The speedrunner JiggsGuy was about to get
a PB in Super Mario World, but he made the mistake of letting his cat in the room during
Bowser’s Castle. I want to mention that Jiggs simply used a
camera pointed at his TV to record gameplay, since he doesn’t have a capture card. Sometimes this is all you need for run validation,
but it can be risky if let’s say the camera dies… or this happens. So for this clip, we unfortunately don’t
get to see the dog’s deviances, but we can definitely hear them. This comes from a glitchless speedrun of the
course Mario Circuit in Mario Kart Wii by Mkwiifreak. This run also had the potential to be a new
World Record. I should mention that this clip was three
years ago, and Mkwiifreak has since pushed down the time to a high 1 minute and 20 second
time, being the first person to do so. Before we move on to the final entry, we have
a hot honorable mention, which is a speedrun from the game Refunct. Now this isn’t your normal speedrun. There’s an extra category called Dog%, in
which you must beat the game with a dog in your lap. Seriously, I never even knew this was a thing. The game itself is pretty short, with the
World Record Any% time clocking in at 2 minutes, 42 seconds, and 380 milliseconds, while the
World Record Dog% time is only 9 seconds slower. So if you have your dog sitting in your lap
and you’re on a good run, your dog might want to jump from your lap which would invalidate
the run, or they might lick your face thus somewhat distracting you, which can be seen
in the World Record run from speedrunner Jarko. I couldn’t find any examples of trolling
in Dog%, but I knew I had to incorporate this run in the video somehow, so EZScape and I
experimented to see if my dog could behave. Now for the final entry we have a Super Mario
64 run from Witwix. This clip is another one in which we don’t
get to see the animal on camera, but the reaction the cat is getting out of Witwix is priceless. Anyways that’s going to be it for today’s
video, and I hope you all enjoyed. Like I mentioned in the beginning, it was
hard to find examples for this Top 10, but if there are ones that I missed, let me know
in the comments section. If I have enough examples, and this video
does well, there might be a part two. As always, be sure to like the video, it helps
out the channel a ton, and every like is one treat for my dog. That’s all from me today, consider subscribing
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  1. Sup y'all, I hope you enjoyed the video! I have a few videos in the works that will soon be uploaded onto my channel, so feel free to subscribe if you're interested! 🙂

  2. Hah, greetings from Mario the Cat's human!

    Brief point of order: What I was actually playing was the Dragon Warrior Randomizer, which, uh, randomizes Dragon Warrior. In addition, it lets you pick from a bunch of different sprites for your hero (Which I'm guessing is what the "discoloration" mentioned in one comment is). Here, I'm playing as the Prince of Cannock from Dragon Warrior 2, who is widely known as the best* character in the series.

    Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed the clip, I certainly laughed at some of the other videos featured here!

    *The absolute worst. THEEEEE WORST.

  3. There was a good clip from Paracusia where his cat reset the console

  4. this is so perfect hahaha. I get why they were so upset but it was sad to see people raging so hard at their animals who just wanted love

  5. This seems like an idea for a new set of charity gaming marathons. You can have kitty% or doggy% runs for the aspca or something.


  7. as a cat owner of 2 furballs i can confirm: they dont give a FUCK what YOU want or tell them, they are arse-holes…

  8. Remember even if this does happen don't be abusive to your pet because it just makes you an asshole who doesn't deserve any pets.

  9. I think 10 idiots who dont know that pets bothers u randomly and its better to close the door if u want peace when speedrunning sounds better as a video title

  10. I have a where my rat got out of her cage and bit my foot while I was in the middle of a speedrun of wings of vi in a pitch black room late at night. It was terrifying

  11. I think all your videos should be watermarked. It's lame that people make top 10 content from other people's top 10 content.

  12. Witwix as number one had me excited because I thought it was gonna be the clip where ProfessorBroman's bearded dragon got in and scared the shit out of him. Clips with his cat are always great tho it's an amazing cat

  13. Clint Steven's dog interrupted a run once. He took her to another room and declared ominously that she wouldn't be bothering him again :p

  14. the fact that a mario kart wii speedrun is in this video makes me nervous because i speedrun mkwii and i have a pet..

  15. I did my first speedrun of bobk on tg16 and took 5th place, did it again tonight and took 4th haha. Speedrunning is a new hobby for me thanks to you!

  16. This shows the power of people with animals and those who speed run, only a few sounded mad(all were semi annoyed) and even when the animal resets the run they just love on them because they know that the animal was just being animal.

  17. Hey a game called Karlson came out on and soon steam. great for speedrunning. thought it would be a good thing to check out. or see

  18. We've only had our cat for 4 months and I've already lost count of the amount of times she has shut off my Xbox or PC while I'm in the middle of something. I couldn't imagine being on a good pace run and just hearing the power down noise.

  19. This isn't a speedrun record, but i remember back in 2010/11 on Call of Duty: Black Ops, TheSyndicateProject was on a record round of 115 on the map Kino Der Toten, and he paused the game to take a break, and when he came back, his Bearded Dragon had turned off his console!

  20. EZScape I saw a cat kill A Super Mario 64 run here’s the link 3:38

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