Topwater Lure for Bass Fishing

Topwater Lure for Bass Fishing

hey guys this Trent here we are at the lake
today it’s a nice it’s a nice a beautiful warm morning this morning so
we’ll go out and try to get on something hopefully we can get on a good pattern
catch a lot of fish so come along with Theres one nice spot number one I will weigh them later it’s that easy There he is little guy, Put him in the livewell and
keep going to take pictures at the end Nice little fish Theres one good fish nice fish put him in the livewell and keep
going you see him I saw him before he ate it you see it you see where it came out good fish wouldn’t oh I see another way
oh my god I see one shallow two of them actually seem up yonder right up there oh here he comes here
comes here comes here comes see him see him big and big and big and that’s a dang
big un son give me my flippin wanna spook biggun biggun yep yes yes yes that’s a big one right there
largemouth all right there is a game-changer
these lips messed up oh look at that it’s good fish put in the livewell and we’ll keep
going. all right we going to end the day its starting to get more boat traffic out here so Im gonna go ahead and weigh my fish. Im gonna go ahead and zero out my fish now with the bag on there. Alright see how its zeroed ok. Now I want to put all my fish in here and we are gonna weigh them and see how much they weigh. number one small little guy Number two a little bit better fish number three another good fish number four another good fish sound fish number five big good pitch right here guys Good Fish scales zeroed 11:1 that’s a good bag for the day
saying that we only fished for like five to four hours it’s good bag 11 1 you
want to take a picture and put em back good fish thank y’all for watching hope
y’all enjoyed it please give a like thumbs up and subscribe thank y’all for

6 thoughts on “Topwater Lure for Bass Fishing

  1. Good stuff, thanks for posting! Will keep looking forward to your Belews posts to help me keep learning this lake!

  2. Been fishing Belews lately? I have a funny story about fishing open water up near the dam after watching your videos. Some fish were schooling up on shad in about 40' of water…..I saw a splash and casted to it with a spook and had a big blow up..but no hook up….twitched it once more and even bigger blow up…..I was so upset. Reeling it in to cast again just as I got it to the boat I saw the culprit…a dang diving bird was chasing and blowing up on my lure, not bass. Scared the hell out of me to see this big bird chasing my lure underwater up to the boat. Gonna try it again tomorrow morning.

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