Topwater Salmon Fishing | Arluk Outfitters Newfoundland

Topwater Salmon Fishing | Arluk Outfitters Newfoundland

if you love casting dry flies then
you’re going to love this episode imagine a place where the river is
teeming with wild Atlantic salmon who eagerly take dry flies how would a
salmon lodge that is both affordable and easily accessible today I’m the guest of
arlok Outfitters and my fishing fantasy is about to unfold on the legendary main
river in Newfoundland after a short flight to New Zealand I’ve
ordered a helicopter in Deer Lake for the trip into the rugged mountains
heading to our Loch Outfitters Lodge the flight is visually spectacular and
you’re transfixed by the beauty of this dramatic land we looked intently taking
it all in while scanning the mini tree lines for
moose and caribou that inhabit the highlands this is truly a magical place six years before bill Spicer had visited
Maine River and he told me it was the best dry fly fishing for salmon he had
ever experienced so it’s not surprising my excitement was peaking and wanted to
get to the lodge and get into my waders as soon as possible my guide for this
special trip is a true Newfoundlander sharp of wit and always ready with the
joke ralph Wenzel is a consummate professional guide he understands the
moods of this river and his fish he knows what flies work and won’t work
best of all he’s a true gentleman and a real pleasure spend time with so Ralph
this looks really good in fact when we were walking up you see already seen a
couple of fish roll and I’m pretty pumped but I also know this is small
piece of water I can spook them and I can do this wrong
can you explain to me how do you want me to break this down well I’d say you
start on a dead driftwood that dry fly mm-hmm cast slightly upstream let it
drift down start short down buddy it just off the bank there mm-hmm and let
it drift and not try not to make any splashes to disturb the fish and when
you hook a fish try to get him up in the calm water when he hits the cam water he
you haven’t got the current to to his advantage you get him in the calm water
and then we can have a quick release right now he’s gonna of course want to
go downriver but I’m gonna do my best and we’re using barbless fly so there’s
probably a good chance we’re gonna lose some fish here but if I can fight them
up put them up here by this Boulder in the slack water land them let him go and
then we can carry on or rest the pool for a few minutes then go back again
right exactly every every call we’re ditto let’s get
fish there’s a nice fish let him have a few runs and then we’ll work it off yeah
whoa what’s a jumper so just got me taken up into the slack
water so far this fish is being very cooperative but I’m sure that’ll change
yeah he’s coming upstream look we want so I’m using an eighth weight meter it’s
a straight piece eight weight rod and barbless hook so you got things going
against me but at the same time let this fish fight it out I’m not gonna tire too
much the water’s cold here so should be good so I think he’s ready now I was
trying to get metal on the truck no no no the rock okay here he comes
I’ll get the head up there you go Oh perfect get it out
yep it’s okay beautiful all right so I’m go beautiful good job reviving goal and
the waters nice and cold here and it’s a cold day I mean everything’s perfect for
doing good catch and release procedures good job thank you sir
you’re welcome you drop the slimy stinky hand fresh Sam there’s nothing like to
smell a salmon that’s right I love it one in the calm or water you got to
skitter it to make more of a faster movement now in the current faster
current you don’t have to skitter but where does so comma water you got to
have action now down in the faster water you the fly is moving faster so you
really don’t have to skitter and another thing I’ve I’ve learned to the years
when your skitter as like it’s trying to get away you know it’s trying to escape
and of course escaping prey it’s like it’s trying to escape and that place
it’s assignment to take it on the is escape the fly that did all the damage
was designed by Ralph the day before I came it is a variation on several Drive
flight book truck patterns in my honor Ralph dubbed it Colin’s killer and it
sure did the job time there’s a different one yeah sup one it’s a
different fish yeah fish yeah I’m on the real here is a quick retreat right yes
there we go that’s a good technique just use he’s a jumper use the edge of the
real get it in all the way out of these jumps
there’s Lani salmon fishing at its best yeah she and get them on dry flies dry
fly is a great take ok I’ll get you standby right back I’ll stand back here
come back around the grass and get up in on the main river there are so many fish
and so many excellent holding waters it’s important to move frequently once
you have adequately covered the waters with your fly and shown it to potential
takers then it’s time to move to another spot we’re looking for active fish who
will move quickly to a fly no need to waste time flogging the waters trying to
induce a take when there’s lots of water and lots of fish one of the things I’ve
been learning over the years is to find productive waters and eliminate those
waters or fish aren’t we’re salmon fishing not that much different than
trout fishing we’re trying to find the spots in this run right here where the
salmon are gonna hold a good example this cut right here this nice V when the
salmon are coming up from the fast water they’re gonna hold here and rest on the
edges behind rocks in front of rocks seams anywhere where they can get out of
the current and that’s where they’re gonna rest for a few minutes before they
continue their journey try to do the same thing when they’re looking for food
they want to be in the most efficient place where they have to expend the
least amount of energy when they go out and get food have a look at some of
these animations and this discussion of where fish hold and why when searching
for salmon they’ll often hold in the hydro cushion in front of large rocks
and boulders of course also Casta seems behind rocks
and boulders as these are natural holding waters for fish ensure you cast
to the tail of pools or runs salmon will often lie there resting after moving
upriver through rapid or heavy current in this animation you can clear to see
how salmon will often hold tight to the bank this is why stealth is so important
when fishing on a small river like the Maine your guide will help direct your
cast to where fish will hold and what the best presentation is oh well this guy has just been jump Oh
laughs oh wow he hammered it so I did what you told me Ralph the Ripper
I used that thunder lightning oh and put it past that rock and what I did was I
made ten casts to the same spot swinging it by swinging it by with this riffling
hitch until it aggravated enough that it took it it finally took it after all
those casts they yeah and he just blew Vista ah oh look at that nice fresh fish
too looks yeah he’s bright right wants to go upriver you’re gonna jump a game
most likely no he’s getting back at us yeah as soon as I got him tired enough
I’ll get his head up yep bring him right to you okay beautiful fish boy oh he’s a
leaper yeah love the way these fish jump how could you not like salmon like this
we’ve switched over to using wet flies and the world-famous Portland hitch also
referred to as a ruffling it’s okay I need us head up
you ready there you go all right persistence pays off
I did what Ralph told me and I just basically agitated that fish into
striking you want it yeah what you want to release him sure if you don’t mind
yeah you’ll release him good night show quickly the camera yeah beautiful fish
there is beautiful Atlantic Grylls and he’s ready to go
a little tickle here hold up little bit yeah he must have made eight to 10 jumps
I’d say he’d beat himself up pretty good hold on for a little bit longer baby
swings kicking yep there he goes there we go well done good racer good release
thank you and I again persistence Ralph told me just keep putting it there sure
enough work work you’re good guy thank you sir so one of the things I got taught many
years ago coming here to Newfoundland and Labrador what works really well when
using these top water flies is to use a single piece of straight mono so I’m not
using a taper leader I’m especially not using something with knots in it one of
the reasons why is that I was told that causes a lot of drag the knots
especially as we move into the faster water over here it’s not too bad right
here it’s not that necessary but when I get into the faster water the knots if
you’ve got them in a taper leader or just even leader that’s broken down two
or three pieces they’ll cause micro drag which impacts the way your fly drifts so
here you don’t need it just a good quality solid piece of leader this one
is nine ten feet long and perfect and with these flies easy to turn over the main river is our river such as such
a special river you know and and and the reason people want to come here and fish
here and the people and people want to come back and fish here it is because
it’s it’s so accessible the pools are so accessible
we’ve got pools that are really really close to the lodge we’ve got sixteen
pools altogether you know both the low and above the lodge and they’re easy
easy to get to and almost every one of the pools is just perfect for dry fly
fishing if you’re a dry fly fisherman our pools are perfect for that ass can often happen in Newfoundland the
cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean are having an impact on the weather it’s
cold for July and the heavy fog hangs in the air though somewhat dark and gray
that does not matter in fact the lack of winds is making for
ideal dry fly conditions we just need the salmon to cooperate going whoa just
like that first cache whoa whoa whoa whoa it’s gone he’s okay no I slept oh whoa I was like five jumps in a row and
this fish is nice and bright right here in front of me right in front of me what
I put on was a little brown bug with an orange hackle and obviously it was the
right choice oh now where would you like me to bring
him in right here all right I think this guy’s ready and
we we’ve really worked hard to earn this fish and we’ve been fishing for about
three or four hours and there’s lots and lots of fish yeah I mean we’ve we’re
seen him there’s lots of fish it’s just the conditions so even there you go he’s
about ready I’ll bring a rate so headfirst I’ll bring him into you
he’s got it rate the top of the mouth okay coming to you there all right all
right that’s excellent all right fly already popped out like
him out okay just rest there revive them go ahead yep
that’s great oh he’s already kicking he’s he’s almost ready to go go all right good job
yeah congratulations well this morning we had really tough
fishing conditions it was cold misty low ceiling and you know something
we knew going out it was going to be tough and it was we saw salmon but we
couldn’t get them to come to the fly when we had a few bump it Ralph went
through everything he could think of I was doing everything I could we did the
best we could but towards later in the morning as the sky started to lift a bit
and got a little bit warmer fish seemed to be a little more active we figured
out what would work we got one and landed it lost another so it wasn’t too
bad went in for lunch got a new strategy and now we’re here on one of what they
have 16 plus pools on this river and we’re the only anglers here so this is
going to be fresh fish that have never seen a fly let’s see if we can get one
wanna give it a try ruff yes we’ll give it a try right now I’m casting a 8 weight rod and
here in the main river system a seven or eight way like this is a nice Orvis fast
action eight way right there it’s perfect for the conditions but if you’re
in a place say on the rescue river or some of the big rivers in Labrador you
probably want to use a 9 or 10 weight because you’re punching bigger flies
often into heavy winds plus you’re fighting bigger fish but here on the
island Newfoundland 7 or 8 perfect okay Ralph I’m gonna step back I’m kind
of here on the edge and I’ll bring them right into this pocket here above the
shoot and I think he’s ready to come in he’s tired okay arias got his head up oh
no not quite whoa go away from the rock get away from
the rock okay whoa whoa okay his heads up bring him in to the net and yes I
gotta tell you when you have tough conditions in a great place you gotta
have a good guide gives you good advice or else give me a great bit of advice
and hey Ralph we experimented Lots and made it work so let’s get this fish
going here is he fought really well why don’t you pop the fly oh yeah barbra
flies out okay good beautiful all he’s ready to go we’re
making it work thanks to you good job and thanks to you that’s it we’re a team
we’re a team we’re doing it we’re having so much fun and like you said this is a
river that’s got so many fish in it tough conditions making it work all
right let’s get another one we will found this place on the main river and
he loved it so much he kind of kept it to himself he has it he had a little
place here where he would come and fish and that so this was over 50 years ago
it’s been catch and release fishing only on this river for decades and that’s why
if you come and fish here you’re going the experience that likely wolf did we’re on the main river in Newfoundland
the main river has been designated a Canadian Heritage River and and for good
reason it’s just a spectacular River the scenery here is just out of this world
we’re in old-growth forests you sit it on on the balcony of our Lodge and just
is it’s so peaceful here our rivers are teeming with salmon and brook trout you
could look out look at the window and see a moose crossing the crossing the
river right in front of us you know it’s just it’s just out of this world oh there we go there we go bud okay now
the key will be to get this guy nope mmm learn the real and so we’re at
the top of a shoot going down to a small waterfalls I already had one fish roll
right here and it’s wow this is just one of so many places to go and fish here at
main lodge that’s what I love I mean I love this I love this is so much fun
right to you right there into the net yes there’s apply bar block great out
noseless there’s the fish beautiful dining silence okay Newfoundland is a very special place
it’s people it’s rugged terrain and the incredible fishery there are few places
in this world like it if you can get the opportunity I strongly recommend you
come to our Locke Outfitters and experience the splendors of this
magnificent land and live the dry fly fantasy like I did hi I’m Tom rosenbauer
hope you enjoyed this video if you like this and you want to see more subscribe
and you can get all our weekly uploads you

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  1. been watching Atlantic salmon fishing in Norway . where the 20+ fish roam . that would be a great visit for you all.

  2. I know this may be taken the wrong way, but are there places you can go salmon fishing in Canada and harvest them? I detest farmed salmon, and a few times a year eat wild caught Alaska red salmon. I would hope there might be a sustainable wild Atlantic salmon fishery still? (Not holding my breath though—bad things keep happening!).

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