Tørt Fly Fishing Iceland Teaser (Part I & II, HD, English)

We’re back on Iceland our second trip this year we had the chance to visit this spring in late April and the last thing to happen was that Simen caught a beautiful trout over 3 kilos and that settled it – we had to go back so now we are back again hopefully we’ll catch more fish on dry flies and possibly even bigger fish you never know Hello are you kidding me? did you catch fish? I should have brought a better knife but we’ll have to manage rise? are we going up there later? is that your brilliant plan? fish and chips… kind of or perhaps not? I’ll try to bring him towards you, Simen holy hell, Bernt don’t you start swearing now give me a hug it worked out in the end call Einar are you shaky, Bernt? I need some sedatives «Gammal Dansk» what is this beast? is it a fish or a moose? I really can’t tell oh my god what a beautiful creature thank you of she goes between the two of you what to do next? go home and start reaping grass? on a tiny dry midge this can’t be happening I really hit the breaks it’s way out there do you see it? has to be 200 yards look at that tail it takes all the backing I thought you lost him for a second you don’t have unlimited backing I know but I can’t stop him oh my god Bernt it’s been five minutes since I caught mine this is totally crazy on a dry fly yeah on «tørt»

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