Trailer – Art Lingren   The Artistry of Angling

Trailer – Art Lingren The Artistry of Angling

It would have been nice to have seen the
size of the fish but other than the swish that I heard and the displacement
of water on the take he never showed himself. This trip was a pleasant one
my companions were excellent and we all got along very well, the weather was
superb with only two days of rain. I was born in Vancouver 1943 January fifth. When I really got into fly tying know you know it was something- you know I
really like the history of the sport I’m recording history ok I’m putting things
down that could be lost and when future generations can look at this stuff
and they can realize you know that we probably you’ve seen the best okay
that British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest can offer in the way of
fishing opportunities… those Thompson River steelhead are some of the best
fighting ones in the steelhead world okay

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