TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer

TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer

[Horse] What took you so long? [Cohen] I had to pay my respects to the mountain spirits. [Horse] This place is desolate. It’s been three days since we’ve seen sign of civilised life. [Cohen] There’s something that I’ve always been been meaning to do, ever since I was a lad. My dad said to me “Son, when you can face down a troll in single combat, then you can do anything.” [Horse] You think you can kill a troll? [Cohen] I never said that was part of the plan either… [Cohen] HIT ME [Mica] RIGHT [Cohen] When I first went into the Barbarian Hero Business, every bridge had a troll under it. Now there’s more trolls in the city then there are in the mountains. Fat as butter, most of ’em. [Mica] Mica’s the name, you don’t know what an honour this is Mr Cohen sir! [Cohen] Hey! Wait a minute! Wonder what happened to ’em all? [Mica] I remember my dad telling me about you when I was just a pebble. He bestrides the world like a clossus he says. [Beryl] Oh, he’s just a little old man, he don’t look very heroic to me [Cohen] This is it. Smoke? [Horse] Look I’m not sure this is a good idea. [Cohen] Right CROSS THAT BRIDGE [Cohen] I remember all the big old wars Don’t you? You must have fought. [Mica] I carried a club, yeah.

100 thoughts on “TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer

  1. I've been following the development of this for years and I am SO EXCITED to see this trailer! Congratulations to everyone who has worked on this film.

  2. OMG He looks just like I always imagined. Do the whole bibliography, I'll watch them all a dozen times (just for starters).

  3. So is this just a promo of sorts or will it join the rest of Terry Pratchett's films? Meaning, will I be a full-length movie?

  4. What did I just watch? Damn beyond words, this trailer just touched deep inside of me is this a movie? When is it coming out? Totally going to watch it…

  5. God of War? Witcher? Look at him! It's obviously The Elder Scrolls! (He has passed the 'Holy Crap! It's Cohen Barbarian!' test – he is scarily close to perfect.)

    So very much want to see this!

  6. I really wanted to like this but I don't. Of course it is just a trailer, but I much preferred Cohen in The Colour of Magic tv mini series than this one. And I can't understand why choose a really short story instead of of his 41 Discworld books to make a movie. Is this a short movie perhaps?

  7. I remember having read it when I was little, and even then I was hit by the bittersweet story. Now that I'm much older this will be a treat.

  8. Dude… those aren't trolls… they're stone golems or rock golems.
    Director has no idea what a troll is obviously… I think he's just trolling us
    And apparently nobody in the comments section can tell the difference either… *sigh*

  9. That looks more like a golem than a troll. It's a shame they couldn't even figure what a troll looks like yet they made a movie lmao

  10. Clicked the trailer by chance – five seconds in, I realised:"omg this is Cohen the barbarian from Discworld" O.O amazing

  11. I have seen your "Concept version" and man this came a looong way. Congrats guys it looks really well and I am looking forward for the full version. Terry' s work is really hard do make (I know it myself as a part of the Final Reward movie project) and this version looks like it makes the work its justice

  12. Such a simple story, yet so strong. Left me with a dark feeling. Will watch it again using my boxxy software. Its great!

  13. troll under the bridge…. toll bridge????!!!!!
    troll hit you if you don't pay…. toll bridge charge you if you don't pay??!!?!?!

  14. I quite liked Sky's attempts at Hogfather, The Colour of Magic and Going Postal, and Cosgrove Hall's attempts at Soul Music and Wyrd Sisters were also pretty good. They all seemed a bit low budget, and a bit too cartooney (although in fairness, of course, the Cosgrove adaptations WERE cartoons), and they all missed the mark in many respects, but I enjoyed them all the same. THIS seems perfect. The creators actually understand it – Pratchett is both epic and absurd, comic and serious, full of hilariously bad jokes and real wisdom, full of rage at human stupidity and hope towards human possibility. I'm getting all of that from the trailer. If the team behind this could get the Pratchett estate and some real funding on board, I could see them making some real masterpieces.

  15. They need to do a movie for Beyond the Deepwoods! And make it for at the very least for teens so the gloamglozer can be just as terrifying as he need be. The banderbears just as ferocious and the wigwigs just as awful. With those giantess ladies that drown themselves in the blood of the tree to be as disgustingly horrifying too. I would LOVE to see these creations become real.

  16. We are really proud to announce that 'Troll Bridge' will be screening for the first time in the UK, at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Llanelli, Wales. this May.
    Find out more here

  17. This looks so perfect, especially Cohen, who appears to be nearly identical to Paul Kidby's artwork from "The Last Hero". Highly looking forward to enjoying the final product on Blu-ray, when it eventually becomes available and at a decent price (not $170).

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