Trolling for Fall Northern Pike on Tobin Lake on Fishing Saskatchewan.

Hey, folks. Welcome to another edition
Fishing Saskatchewan.” Yeah, if you watch
the show at all, you know that this is
one of our favorite times of the year to fish. It’s late fall. We’re out here
trolling some shoreline for some big northern pike. Yeah, the temperature may
be reaching four or five, six degrees Celsius. The water temp’s dropped in
the last two or three weeks. And it’s a full moon phase. So we’ve got a lot of things
working to our advantage. Another thing that we’ve got
working to our advantage– we’ve got a new lure to try out. It’s called the Svartzonker. This is a lure that
comes from Sweden. Of course, pike fishing
is huge over in Europe. This is brand new to Canada. we’ve got a
distributor right here in Saskatchewan who’s given us
an opportunity to try them out. Yeah, we’ve got a
variety of colors. We’ve got a variety of actions. We’ve got slow sink, full sink. I mean, the biggest thing
going for it is the profile. And they rattle. So I mean, they should work. It’s a really nice bait. I think that we’re going
to have no problem getting a bunch of pike on these today. All right. Let’s do it. Let’s get them in the water. You’re watching
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for fishermen. Oh, yeah. Big one? Tough to say at this point. He hit real good. He chased that, swiped at it,
I bet you, three or four times. Most of the time, you’ve
been throwing what? I don’t even think we’ve
been out five minutes. I mean, the dock’s right there. Yeah, you can
still see the dock. That’s a good time. Yeah, I think this
one’s a little bit– not gonna be real big. It’s so tough to tell at first. You get a fish to the boat and
all of a sudden it takes off, you never know. He’s coming in pretty
good right now. I’m gonna guess mid-30s,
somewhere in that neighborhood. We’re sitting in about
10 feet of water. Yeah, 10 to 12. Think [INAUDIBLE] flat? Yeah, it’s just a little guy. Good start. 30 inches. Look at that big, silver,
blue full sink– Svartzonker just inhaled him, hey? Yeah, well, like I
said, he chased it. He hit it, I bet
you, four times. Try to keep– There we go. Nice little 30 inch pike. I mean, we want the bigger
ones, but that’s a good start, like you said. Real quick. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. OK. Let’s get this guy back in. Get one of those
towels ready, Steve. This water is cold. There we go. Fish [? out. ?] Spin it. There’s a fish. We’re in neutral now? Yeah. I feel like it might have a
little bit of weight to it, considering I can’t really move
it off the bottom right now. Yeah, those Zonkers, they
must sit a couple feet off the bottom. And they’re just inhaling them. Man, there’s nothing
like that that. They hit good. Just wallop. You can turn the boat out
[INAUDIBLE] just a little bit. It’s hard. It’s so hard to tell whether
the fish is a good size. Watch your leg. I’m gonna grab the net. We’ll see if it makes any
last ditch efforts to run. That’s a good fish, Steve. That’s real good. Beautiful. Well, he wanted that. That’s a good one. That’s 30 that one, for sure. There you go. Good work. That’s a big, fat– just look
at the girth on that fish. Outstanding. Looks like 93 centimeters. 93 centimeters. Beauty. That’s a good fish, that one. We can still see
the boat launch. We’re that close of the resort. You feel more
energy coming back. There she goes. Beautiful. Nice. Beautiful. Nice one, Steve. We came out to the
first possible stretch where we could throw. Yeah. And we found active fish. We’ve got two to put
in the boat already. A couple of missed strikes. And we haven’t really,
really been on for an hour. No, and we keep on having
to stop for the fish. And not getting– we’re not
much more than a kilometer away from the dock right now. Probably not even. We’re using this
Svartzonker, full sink, so we get down close
to that bottom. What, we’re in 10
to 12 feet of water? We’re going to try and run
along at that depth for most of the day. And we’re trying
different color patterns. So far both color
patterns have worked. You’re trying silver blue? Yeah. I’m trying a perch pattern
with an orange tail. And man, you know, I
don’t know if we’re going to get much further
away from the place– I mean, there’s no point
driving across the lake when the fish is that good
right here, getting right? No kidding. There he is. Got him. Nice work, Smitty. He swam up hard on
that from behind. I betcha I had dead
slack-line for a second. Feel like he’s got any size? No, I think it’s
another smaller guy. Just smoked that lure. Look at it. It’s like halfway in his mouth. You can barely see the lure. Look at that. That is impressive fish. There’s no doubt
they want those. Again, not real big
but crazy aggressive. That’s what– it’s the best
part of this fall fishing. Absolutely. How aggressive they are– It’s dramatic. Fishing this way you
feel those strikes. We’re going to get a job. And literally, that was
right on cue on the mark, traditionally where
we would start getting bites in the stretch. Little guy, but hitting hard. Here we go. That’s a little guy. Oh yeah. That guy’s real small. Unbelievable how
aggressive they are. A fish that size– look at
how it hammered that lure. They want it. I’m trying to flick this
guy off with the pliers. So it’s a good sign– fish
are where they traditionally have been. We just need bigger ones. Fish out? Yeah. Got him? It’s a good sign. Good sign. Get that right out of the nets. Feel we’re going to get a big,
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tension when fishing small ones for fussy, light biters. Nothing beats ice fishing. Nothing. Right on cue. Perfect. This, honestly feels
a little better. Look at that. Just– Let me know if you want
me to back up for you. We’re still bucking
the waves a little bit. Yeah. I can’t move this guy. If you can keep going
back, you can see him, he’s right up this way. All that for an
average-sized pike. They definitely put you
[? in neutral down ?] there. Got him? Yeah. But they’re inhaling
those lures. They really [? stroke ?] them. I mean, they’re working really
good at triggering bites. Caught that one
right on the end. Just nip him at the tail? Just want to clip him off– Yeah. I might be able to do that. –in the net. Even better. That’ll do. And there he goes. Right on. How easy is that? Had my eyes closed
there for a second. Good thing I had my
hand on the rod right out in front of the boat launch. That’s a good sign. Think it’s got that
hook in it pretty light. Looks that way. You want to– I think she’s
ready to back up right now. Maybe not. Easy, Betsy. Nice. Good job, Smitty. Just another example of what a
fall pike that’s feeding heavy will look like. Super thick, fat
belly, very aggressive. Fantastic. [INAUDIBLE] No! [BLEEP] There’s nothing to say. Well, that’s good news. The fisher– All along the side,
it’s bitten up pretty good. Let’s see if we can
make one stay on there. Well, that’s encouraging
from this end. It’s good. It’s too bad I couldn’t
keep up with it. There’s another hit. That’s a good one. Oh yeah. I would have expected
a little [INAUDIBLE]. Out here, we’ve had
the little ones on, we’ve had different sizes,
but that’s kind of different. But they all hit the same when
you’re trolling like this. But it’s when you got
them ready to come in, and they kind of stop moving–
a little bit better indication of size. She’s got energy, anyway. That’s always exciting,
seeing that rod that size bend like that. Another 36. Nice. Nice, solid 36, too. Yeah. That’s a good fish. Not bad. Definitely the best
one I’ve got today. [INAUDIBLE] All right. I guess she’s back in. Good stuff. Just about indestructible body. The tails– just like any
other rubber tail– I mean, they’ll come off. They’ll get pulled. They’ll get twisted. Everything like that. When you buy your
Svartzonker, it comes with replacement tails. And you can order more. You can order different
colors, different styles, everything like that. So you can, kind of,
customize the lure exactly how you want it. Look at that splash back there. You see that? Smitty, that was a fish. No kidding. Neutral. Nice try with the
distraction, Steve. They just stroke that lure, too. I mean, you’re
[? out of ?] [? buckle. ?] Soon as I got up. Is that taking some line out? It was, yeah. Extend that. 35 inches. Another good one. Well, that was a little odd. He’s completely tied
up in that line. Pretty good fish. Yeah, not too bad. Probably feeding heavy. Look at that stomach. It looks pretty good. Nice work, buddy. Lured right at the boat. He’s coming in on this side. Are you over me– OK. Good. Nice one. Get him in there. Switch back to it. Working pretty good. [INAUDIBLE] We’re gonna
get this guy back. OK. There we go. Double header? About time we had a
double-header going. Maybe it’s the same fish. Dollar on the bigger one? Yeah. Mine feels pretty big. We gotta to do some
creative netting here, bud. Yeah. He’s in the middle. I’m getting close here. Oh no. Uh oh. Now we’re gonna have
to get creative. And mine feels big. Like it’s sticking–
it’s got its head down. Mine’s just wrapped. I think I can deal
with mine on my own. Actually, it just bit,
which is great news. And yours is bigger, so
you get the [? loading. ?] Lost this one, you too. When I missed him with
that net, he actually spit the hook and bit the net. Oh no. Oh no, he’s still there. He just came toward me. Look at that. See. This is exactly what
I was telling you about yesterday, Steve. Let’s get this guy in so
we can show him on camera. Get a close up on this, if you
can, Kyle, how that– the mud is just inside there. He’s just caked in mud. A lot of times, what
these pikes will do when they feel
resistance, they’ll nose down, straight
into the mud, and just jam their face
in there to have something to pull back against. And this guy– you can
see how much mud we’ve got on the side of the boat. That’s exactly what he did as
soon as you had him hooked. They’re either
looking for stuff, or they’re looking for mud. They’re going to– Pull back against. We’re going up to wash that guy
off and I can get him back in. Unbelievable. There we go. That one was fairly tight in. Yeah, didn’t have a
whole lot out there. Come a little bit
further, [? dude. ?] That’s a pretty good fish. Not bad at all. We finally got a good one. This one’s over 40 inches,
just over 40 inches. I’m going to guess probably
right around 20 pounds. And it was one of the best hits
we’ve had today, really, really smoked that lure. It’s good to finally
get one over 40. We came close and we
[INAUDIBLE] hooked over the end. Very good. We should get that guy back. Absolutely. Let’s get him back in the water. Quick revival here. There she goes. Off she goes. Awesome. Awesome. Thank you. That is some cold water, dude. I’d fish here for the
next 10 days if I could. It looks like that’s the end
of our open water season. You see behind us, the weather
has finally caught up to us. We pushed it to the last
day like we like to do, but that’s pretty much it. Yeah. And you know what, we’ve
had a great open water season– a lot of great trips. And it’s over. But that means it’s
ice fishing season. Yeah. And we’re looking forward
to a really good season on the ice this year. Once again, we’ve got Tom
Gruenwald from Tom Gruenwald Outdoors, coming
in from Wisconsin. He’s here to film a
couple of his shows. So we’re looking
forward to that. He’s one of the world’s foremost
leading experts in ice fishing, works with HT Enterprises,
hosts his own show, and we always learn a ton
every time he comes here. Yeah. In addition to having
Tom here, we’ve got a couple other
great trip planned. It looks like it’s going to be
a really exciting ice fishing season. Yeah. So until next time, folks,
we’ll see you on the water. “Fishing Saskatchewan.” Brought to you in part
by The Fishin’ Hole. Get hooked at the Fishin’ Hole. Norsask Farm Equipment. Highway 16, North Battleford. Come see us for all your
recreational and agricultural needs. And Alumacraft. Built by fishermen,
for fisherman. Branches! Normally, that’s
pretty good stick. It’s our best stick
this weekend for sure. Looks like willow. Willow. Yeah. Catch and release. Yeah. Good save. Right on.

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