100 thoughts on “Trolling Nascar Heat 3 – DMV Handbook Rule No Passing On the Right

  1. Man I want to join one of these lobbies someday just so I can listen to you troll everyone. I'm more on the racing side of things, but not that naive.

  2. “Hold your line” even though “NASCAR Heat 3 has nothing to do with NASCAR”… people making their own rules… 😂😂😂😂

  3. Yo, I love the Nascar ones…the people that play these games are unique when it comes to trolling them. You can't get these type of reactions in a call of duty game.

  4. Honestly passing on the right is a serious problem NOT just in Nascar but in all of north american roads. I'm so glad WGL is addressing this issue! Finally!!

  5. Love your vids. You should do another DMV handbook but claim it says that you need to be 1 car length for every 20 mph you’re going and they need to stop tailgating.

  6. Dude says he bought this to play dirt. Why would you buy a console game to play dirt. Unrealistic and console arcade feel. Even though they can be crooks get iracing and play dirt there. Thats about as real as you cab get

  7. I don't really get the appeal of oval racing, especially in a videogame. You're just pushing the control stick left every now and then.

  8. The one dude was actually a racer. I kinda wanted to hear what he had to say. Probably the wrong channel for that tho 😂

  9. These assholes never figure out that they're complaining about the most interesting and funny game they're ever likely to play.

  10. This is so entertaining Americans are retarded this is a bunch of grown men getting emotional over video game unreal.

  11. Wait so ok they could have eitger booted him, or all left the lobby and joined another one but Didn't because…why?
    Inbred hicks i hate nascar fans most days

  12. >says hes a gordon fan

    "oh youre definitely gay"

    best response would've been "at least i'm not dead"

    fucking late model racer from Illinois, weird flex but its as far as that moron will ever get.

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