TROLLS Movie Poppy’s Candy Gingerbread House

TROLLS Movie Poppy’s Candy Gingerbread House

– Aw, I love your house. It just looks delicious. (cheery music) – [Kawaii Kunicorn] Hello, check it out! Trolls gingerbread house kit. (gasps) Look at Poppy! No way, look how cool this
gingerbread house looks. I hope mine looks that pretty. (gasps) Everything included. I hope that means lots and lots of trolls. Aw, they’re so cute. Alright, buddies. So welcome to my first Christmas craft of the Christmas season. I’m so super excited. I’m gonna be making this
trolls gingerbread house kit. So, I got this kit at my local Michael’s, but I’m sure that they sell them at lots of other kinds of stores as well. Alrighty, so let’s look in here. No way, look at this super
cute Poppy jelly gummy. Oh my gosh, it’s so super cute. Okay, let’s open it up. (singing) I think it’s a jelly. It feels a bit like a giant gummy bear. Like, I think its made
out of the gummy candy. Ahh, I really like it’s little headdress. Come on out, oh, it’s super squishy. You will be the crowning
jewel on my gingerbread house. Okay, what else we got here? Yeah, I got some little peppermints. Those are gonna be useful. It comes with a lot of candy. So these are like, pretty cute. I don’t know what kind of candy they are, but they’re pretty good for decorating. More gummy candies. Covered in sugar. These are gonna be super helpful. Alrighty, what else do we got here? Ah yes, stars! I’m gonna decorate this house so good. It’s gonna be the most
beautiful gingerbread house that I’ve ever made. Even though I haven’t made
one in a really long time. Oh, what’s this? Icing bag preparation. I love that this kit comes
with everything you need. Like, you can get extra
stuff to like make it extra awesome, but I mean,
everything you need to make it look super cool is already here. So, that’s really nice. So this thing is gonna be super helpful. It’s like a base that I can
put my gingerbread house in. Put some icing around here and then just like slide the pieces in. So that makes it nice and easy. I like that. So the other thing that makes
this kit like super easy is it’s got all of the
pieces cut out for you. So you got a front door,
you got a back door, you got roofs, you got everything. Look at the little windows on there. Alrighty to squish my icing bag. So the bag said I could
massage the bag to warm up the icing or I could put it in a
bowl of water for one minute. So I’m gonna give it
a little massage here. Warm it up with my warm hands. We want it to be the right consistency. Opening up my packages. Oh my gosh, this is gonna be so much fun! Do you guys like decorating
gingerbread houses? If you do, you should give
this video a thumbs up. Let’s have a little look at this. Look at the front door! Oh my gosh, there’s little
windows, there’s a little door. This is gonna be so super cute. Okay, where should I put my pieces? I’ve got other pieces,
got the back pieces, got roof pieces, got all the pieces. This one is cute. Oh, it’s got a little chimney. That’s super cool. What else we got here? This one I think I need to break apart. You ready to get started? I’m ready to get started. Clipping off– So I need to clip off the corner here, but I don’t want to clip
off too much because then my icing thing will be too thick. So I want it to be pretty thin
so I have ultimate control. Maybe a little bit more. So now I’m just going to line my base here with lots and lots of icing. So this icing is basically
like a kind of glue. So, I’m just gonna line
this here, so that I can put my pieces of my house
into this little groove. Side pieces need a bit of icing, so that they will stick together. There we go. ♪ Second one. ♪ Alrighty, so I put the
front of the house in here, and then I get one of these
side walls and stick it in the icing and kinda
squish them together. They’re pretty much standing up, so I’ll put the other side on here. It’s going well. And the middle one. I just need to hold them together. Hold them together until
they start to stick. It doesn’t take super
long for the icing to dry. Just like a couple of minutes. Alright, so now I’m going
to attach my roof pieces, so I’m just putting a layer of icing on the edge of the roof here. And then I can stick on my roof pieces. These ones I am gonna hold here for about two minutes to make sure they stick. Just doing a bit of
foundational reinforcement here with a nice layer of icing. We’ll do a second layer of icing. Perfect! I was supposed to cut my
chimney, and then I broke it. I tried my best to cut
it on the serrated line, so that it would break
off, but that’s okay. I’m just gonna compensate
with a bit more icing. Ahh, there you go. Maybe a bit more. (singing) That’s fine. Alrighty, now it’s time to
start decorating the roof. This is the bit that I
was most excited about. Look how cute and
multicolored it is already. So, I’m just gonna do
a layer of icing over each of those little grooves. That’s kinda showing me
where to put my icing. This is so much fun I love it. A groove– Oh, my icing is too thick. A groove and some balls. And some more icing. And some balls. Oh my gosh, it’s so cute already. Poppy, I really, really hope that you’re excited for the house
that I’m building you. I really am doing my best. I know I haven’t made a lot of gingerbread houses before, but I think is gonna be the Christmas of gingerbread houses. Cause I’m feeling it. This is so much fun. By the way, can I take
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Pie iPad case video ’cause I show you how to turn
on your notifications at the end of the video. Oh my gosh, look how cute
the little peppermint is. Alrighty, so my next task here
is to work on these windows. I think they’re gonna
be a little bit tricky, but I did see on the front of the box they had a really cool idea
for how to do the windows. So I cut some of those
little gummies in half. I’m gonna try to make it look like they’re the window panes on the window. So I want the icing to kind
of look like the window frame. I’m just using a toothpick
here to try to like, clean it up a little bit
because it’s a little bit difficult to get in
there with the icing bag and actually like, make it look neat. But that’s okay. I think it actually looks kinda cool. Like, maybe they’ve got
a fire going inside. Or maybe it’s like a stained glass window. I don’t know, I think
it looks cool though. Alright, so I kinda got the hang of it. I’m gonna try a second window. Hopefully, it’ll look even better. Alright, window’s on. I’ve just gotta do my window pane. A little bit tricky. It’s also because the bag
is a little bit bulky, but let’s face it, this is
just like a candy house. You can’t really go wrong. Alrighty, so let’s make
a little icing door. Uh, uh oh. Oh, no. Totally destroyed my window, oops. I’m just gonna fix that up a little bit. It’s fine. It’s like totally fine. You don’t build a house
without breaking a few windows. Alright, so I’m gonna make
like a little porthole door. I’m just gonna try to fix this icing with my toothpick afterwards. It’s kind of a mess, but– Oh, geez. Okay, it’s gonna be okay. It’s gonna be okay. I just need to make all that icing stick to my gingerbread house. So I wanted it to be
like a nice tall door. I’m just trying to fix
this up a little bit. This will be the door wreath,
and a little door handle. Cute! Alright, so it’s looking super cool, but I think it needs
some more decorations. So, I think I’m gonna make a little fence along the walkway in
front of my little house. So, I’m gonna use some of these stars to make my little fence. I think it looks really cute. Alright, that’s cool. I need more decorations. Putting up some Christmas lights. Alright, so on the front of the house here I’m gonna use more
stars and make them look like there’s Christmas lights
on the front of the house. And one right in the middle
’cause that’s super cute. I really love how many
different colors there are. Alright, maybe some more decorations, just on the front here. Maybe it’ll look like also
more Christmas lights. A little bit hard to get
this icing on properly. Alright, so I’m gonna
put some more stars for more decorations on the front of my house. I think it’s starting to look really good. If you’re gonna try this
at home I definitely recommend trying to use toothpicks because it really helps with the icing. Alrighty, so I’m gonna add some more decorations on the
front of the house here. So I cut some of these
little jellies in half, so they’re a little bit shorter
than they would usually, so that means they go
a little bit further. I’m trying to make this
look like the front of the house is like, lined
with bricks, but instead of bricks, they’re gummies, obviously. Ah, it looks so cute. I really think that Poppy
is gonna love this house. Getting to work on the sides of the house. So the sides of the house here
have two different windows. Instead of using the yellow gummies, I think I’m gonna use some
different color of gummies. Like, maybe it’ll be like
they’re stained glass windows. So, I’m using purple and orange. It was pretty hard to
get the icing in between the gummies after I put
them on, so I think I’m just gonna leave it this
time, and I think it looks pretty good the way it is anyway. Matching gummies. So, I’m gonna do the same thing on the other side of the house. I’m gonna use the same color of gummies as well because it’s like totally neat. It’s like I’ve planned this whole thing. So cute. Working on the back side of the house. Alright, so I’m gonna do a
little bit different here. I’m gonna draw a circle in
my icing around this circle. It’s a little bit tricky to do my circle. Alright, maybe I won’t
try to do circles again. Circles are hard. I’m definitely gonna
put a peppermint here. Put some icing so it’ll stick. The cook thing about
making gingerbread houses is you can use whatever
kind of candy you want. You can use your favorite candy and then every single one is totally unique. Like, no two gingerbread houses will ever really look exactly the same. I think I need to work on
my icing technique before I try to do another circle because
that’s a little bit wonky. It’s okay, I’m trying
to use my toothpick to kind of even it out a little bit. With limited success. That’s okay though. (happy music) Alright, so now that that’s
neatened up a little bit, I’m gonna put my peppermint
right in the middle here. Super cute. And I’m gonna need some stars to go around the outside of my peppermint. I think I’m gonna use
all peppermint colors. Like, I’m gonna use some red stars and I’m gonna use some white stars. I think that’ll look
actually really, really cute. This is kinda just like the
peppermint side of the house. So, now I need to do the
windows on this side of the house and I’m also just
gonna use the yellow gummies because I really like the look
it gives for window panes. ♪ Making a door for Poppy’s house. ♪ Oh wow, my door worked out
a lot better this time. I think I’m getting better at this, which is super exciting
because I’m having so much fun making this gingerbread house. It makes me want to make
another gingerbread house. So, if you’re enjoying this
gingerbread house video and you’d like to see me do another one, totally let me know in
the comments section. Just adding some more little
decorations on the top here. The front of this house needs some, oops, some Christmas lights. Some Christmas lights
in the shape of stars. These are Christmas lights
in case you didn’t know. And maybe some more stars
on the side of the house. I think it’ll look pretty cute. ♪ Little stars on the side of the house. ♪ ♪ Multicolored stars. ♪ ♪ Super, super cute, lining the sides. ♪ And maybe one more on the far side. There we go. The other side of the house
would feel totally left out if it didn’t also have some stars, so I’ll just put some more
stars on the side here. I love the stars. Maybe more star Christmas lights. I’ll just put a couple. Just a couple. Don’t over do it. And one for this side as well. Ahhh. I’m gonna try to ice these
bricks on the chimney. It’s a little bit messy, but I think it still looks pretty cool. I’m just gonna try to tidy it up with my handy-dandy little toothpick. Alright, so I think my
house is complete which means it’s time to get
Poppy in here so she can see her new gingerbread home. And she’s squishy. She’s like a little squishy cutie. I wonder if she would stand right in front of our house. Right there. It’s a little bit hard for her to stand. Alright maybe she needs
a little bit of help. I mean, she can kinda lean against it. Uhh, oh, no. No, no, no she’s falling! She’s falling! Poppy? No! Okay, plan B. I’m gonna put some icing
down here and then I can put Poppy’s little feet in the icing and then maybe she’ll
stand a little bit better. Just kinda squish ’em in there. Squish, squish. And now you can lean against the house and hopefully you won’t
knock over the fence again ’cause I had to fix that. I was a little bit worried
there for a moment. I mean she looks pretty happy. She looks like she approves of the house. Oh, no. Stay still. Stand up please. Oh, man, how cute does she look in front of her new gingerbread house? – Oh, hi, Poppy. She’s waving that must mean hi. Oh, I love your house. Just looks delicious. Poppy? (stammers) I’m not gonna eat it, I promise. I was just appreciating it. You know, like from a chef. Okay, do you think she’s mad at me? – [Kawaii Kunicorn] Don’t worry, Donatina. Poppy is a super, happy-go-lucky troll and I’m sure she’s like, you know, overwhelmed by her new gingerbread house. By the way, if you haven’t
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