Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

Hey guys thanks for watching Fishing With
Adam today, we’re down here at salem pond and uh… we are going to do the part two
video or uhh…. jush uh another how to when it comes to bottom fishing for trout. We are
going to be using powerbait today, powerbait floats if you got enough on the hook. So we
are going to be fishing with that. And later in the day we might use some worms and marshmellows,
if you haven’t heard of that trick its a little secret of mine. Uhhh we might get to that.
Anyways uh I’ll show you what going on here and uh we will get started. Hey guys, so I
just put some powerbait on here, I think it was just glider, regular glider rainbow, or
whatever, I’ve got my uh egg or a egg sinker, I used a little split shot right there because
I am to lazy to tie a swivel or use a bobber stopper which that little small split shot
doesn’t effect anything as long as you pinch it down right. And uh just got a regular bait,
uh spinning rod, uh so uh I think its an Abu Garcia if I remember correctly, so we are
going to cast this out. So I casted it out. I don’t know if you can see my line but its
barely bowed, I tried to get it as straight as it Would be. When you cast you want to
let it sink to the bottom so the weight catches on the mud or whatever is on the bottom, the
powerbait floats, and you just set the pole down, don’t have to be in one of these contraptions
it just has to be very still. And then you just watch your line and the end of your rod.
And if uh the line is tight enough or you can’t see the line you just wait for your
rod to twitch and uh so until then, uh well that means you got a bite, but uh we will
get back to you with our first fish or when we doing something else. So we are still at
salem pond I had tons of bites have had people around us catch fish, but I don’t know what
I am doing wrong just not catching them the same, I have had tons of bites and missed
them and uh like we’re here at Salem we were fishing over there earlier, that where we
were earlier, now we’re… there’s a giant log pile kind of thing we are fishing from
here and uh we have been here for like 10 minutes and if we don’t catch anything we’ll
move to the other side. Well we’ll catch you guys we start catching stuff i guess. Thanks
for watching we have got a couple um this small one was caught a couple minutes ago
but I just reeled in this big one. um we didn’t get any video of bring him in because I wasn’t
expecting it, I was just reeling it in and was about to say lets go try some where else,
but he grabbed a hold of it, like right next to shore too. That’s a big trout right there,
stay tuned and hopefully we will get some futage of us bring in some trout but thanks
for watching….Your powerbait in front of it he might go after it because he was just
jumping after powerbait, so if you can still see him, oh there he is, yeah, see he is surfacing
just drop it right in front of him, if you can. That was pretty good. That was a pretty
good cast, and your sitting down! I almost died! Take this out of the video! Haha. Ok,
so we are going to teach you how to gut a fish, and I figured this would be a good time
to do it to finish off this video. Especially this big one. So uh first of all you need
to get him off the stringer but you might want to kill him first or knock him out so
he doesn’t swim out of your hands. K, so you are going to cut him up to here. And cut underneath
the tongue, that is all you need a knife for, and other than that you just gonna need your
hands and a strong stomach. Man! I cut him so weird! You want a sharp knife or that will
take you forever! Then, ah no don’t bleed yet! So then you go under the tongue, right
here on the side of the tongue from underneath then you go over the tongue on the inside
of his mouth then go back out the other side. Then you just slice that up. Like that. And
then you don’t need your knife. Next thing you’re gonna do is uh some times you may have
to use gloves because these have teeth some times, but you are gonna have to uh… oh
man I feel so terrible this thing is still alive. Ok, but they have teeth especially
these big guys. And so you are going to put one finger in between… under the… over
the tongue and the tip and the other one down, holy teeth, and if you can get your index
finger, we’re going to try to get it down its throat then you are going to rip it down.
Thank you for not dropping my phone. Then you are just going to rip down, strong stomach.
And thats it, well you got to clean out the blood on the inside. Aw man this thing is
still moving. See all that blood along its back? You want to take your finger nail and
scrape it up along the back. And when it comes to cleaning fish I like to do it at the body
of water I catch them, if the law allows just because you don’t have to worry about dealing
with the guts at home or, if I decide to go to another body of water I don’t have to worry
about contamination, all that jazzy stuff. I mean thats cleaned out I will do a little
more scrubing but thats the jest of it. So if you guys got any questions feel free to
comment below, subsribe and uh we will see you next time on Fishing with Adam!

14 thoughts on “Trout Fishing with Powerbait – Bottom Fishing – Trout fishing – Fishing with Adam

  1. Leave the bail open/leave the reel in free spool in the future, they will run with the bait and swallow it so you won't miss any bites. As long as you plan on keeping them it's fine. I have tried everything including circle hooks for trout fishing this way but they pretty much are gut hooked every time. Very nice job cleaning that fish

  2. Hi Adam, i have some questions? When you are fishing? Which season and which month? How deep is the lake? How long is your leader?  if you answer this questions, i can say you what you make wrong.

  3. just something to add here, u are removing the gills…these give excellent flavor to your fish when u cook/grill/bake it. If u slice the throat of the fish below the gills and put your finger into his swallowing pipe (don't know the English name) u can easily pull out all the intestines in 1 pull leaving the gills intact for cooking. Also i do NOT recommend gutting the fish while its alive, the muscles in the fish contract making it chewier. Kill it by hitting on his head 2-3 times with a priest to make sure its dead. Let it rest a minute till it stops moving completely. The muscle reaction gives the impression the fish is alive, but it isn't. It are just contractions. Once it stops moving u can go on to the gutting of the fish and enjoy its tender flesh. Just my 2 cents.. been fishing on trout for like 30 years now… Every little bit of knowledge helps making you a better fisherman.

  4. Try too use a smaller hook with less powerbait it helps for the trout to actually take them instead of just getting just a nibble, but you look like you have the right idea. Can you please do a video at Manila creek park pond in pleasant grove in Utah fish anywhere by far best place to fish for stocked trout, with corn yellow powerbait with bottom rig make sure it floats though with a foot leader it is great caught eighteen in an hour. So much fun!!!!

  5. No good all year when I caught the eighteen it's as last weekend. But I found that only corn yellow works but I was fishing at 6:00 to seven pretty good eating also fast action.

  6. Ok think I can join you on one of your videos it would be fun, I'm fourteen though but I have somebody's fishing at cove pond in herriman and the Jordan river.

  7. just off shortly to catch some trout here in Scotland. was just looking for pointers as I am usually a pike or perch fisherman. thanks for the video.

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