Última pesca do ano com o isco maravilha (English subtitles – 4K ULTRA HD)

Última pesca do ano com o isco maravilha (English subtitles – 4K ULTRA HD)

there is one fish on fish on was hard finally, the day got warmer and I was not cathing anything I came to this fig tree was my last hope to catch a fish already missed some Zander those don´t count Bass I only catch a small one so this was my last chance to pull some drag don´t wet me look got a bigger fish, today was very hard release let´s try to have a good day but I doubt, is already midday what am I doing? we are in October Saturday, day five so I grab in some trees these wild grapes and I am using because they are very small or even three in those you buy in the supermarket you don´t need more than one but with this small you need two, today is a hard day you see here lot´s of fish, this is full of fish but is mullet fish on the marvelous bait saving the day has you can see there are some vines there and if there are vines with grapes there are Barbel release fish on one more in a day I was thinking I would not have material for a video we are having some fun on Barbel what a bath and release one more, three fish there is one fish on one there in the sand brute let´s see if I can catch him when the day gets warmer they will mote to rocks and sand in shallow water, so they warmer where is he? and I got another one forth fish is a male one more great and this started to be a terrible day and I was not going to make a video, there is no chance to do a video with one or two fish very small fish on complicated… do you think he escaped? fifth fish small but is another one so my fishing day is over we fish there we are in autumn, every day is harder to get fish but Barbel save the day, probably this is my last fishing to them I was thinking I would not be able to do a video but I got some fish The Douro is beautiful but hard in this time of the year very hard

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  1. Don´t understand Portuguese? Don´t worry, all my videos got English subtitles (bottom right corner of your youtube window)
    Ne comprend pas le portugais? Ne vous inquiétez pas, toutes mes vidéos ont des sous-titres en français (coin inférieur droit de votre fenêtre youtube)
    ¿No entiendes portugués? No te preocupes, todos mis videos tienen subtítulos en español (esquina inferior derecha de la ventana de youtube)🤓🤓🤓

  2. Uvas selvagens… Foste aí a alguma vinha buscar uns cachos… 😂
    Como sempre bom vídeo, ainda não experimentei aos barbos assim com fruta mas ainda tenho de experimentar 👍

  3. Viva João! Os barbos salvaram te mesmo o dia🤭🤭🤭
    Excelente vídeo 👍
    Grande abraço e continuação de bons lances 🎣🎣🎣

  4. Bela pescaria, entraram tarde mas os belos dos Barbos deram um espectaculo para ti e para nós! Abraço e espero que não seja o ultimo do ano.

  5. John, I thought you said you were going to fish all winter long even if the river was frozen hahaha! The water temperature here is 5.5C and the fish are biting so don't put your paddle away so soon. That is a very nice river and those grapes were very good bait for barbel. You are a magician to get the fish out of the weeds. Happy holidays to you and your family. Don and Brenda

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