Vacuum trolling

Vacuum trolling

Whats up everyone? This is Techman5150 here.
Well I got bored so i decided to read some comments on my latest vacuum battle. Electrolux
vs Dyson vacuum battle ruined but i saw a comment that I don’t exactly like. Who’s this
guy? xPissInMysoupx? And let’s see what he had to say. Stop making vacuuming videos do
entertaining stuff. Uh hello? My vacuum battles are entertaining. Most of the people that
watch them find them entertaining. Hello? And besides i’m still going to keep posting
vacuuming videos so I’m not going to stop making vacuum videos just cause you told me
to. There’s nothing you can do it’s my YouTube channel anyway. So if you don’t like my vacuum
videos you know I’m not forcing you to watch them. But I’ve got something else for you
xPissInMySoupx. I’ve got not one vacuum, but four vacuums! Wow I bet xPissInMySoupx is
just face-palming right now. Look at that. Not one but four vacuums. Four times the cleaning
power for four times the fun! And this is surely going to be a fun video. He he he he
he he. I’m going to call this Vacuum Trolling. Anyone who has, anyone who’s going to say
something bad about my vacuum videos is going to get the vacuum troll. I’m going to do vacuuming
for five minutes! And of course I’m going to switch between, I’m going to switch between
all four vacuums to make it entertaining. So, let’s put the camera on the tripod, start
up the timer, and vacuum for five minutes. He he he he he he he. I’ve never trolled anyone
before so this should be fun. Let’s do it! Dyson first. Bissell time! Oohhh another Bissell.
This one uses bags. Ooohhh wooooo! Bissell Powerforce Bagged! Roar face the power of
the Bissell Powerforce! Roar! Mmmm Bissell Bissell Bissell! How about Electrolux Epic
vacuum! Take this! It’s the roaring Electrolux! Electrolux! Vacuum power! Oooo it looks like
I vacuumed for a little more that five minutes! Oooo take a look a look at that. I even timed
it for you guys. Wooo I timed it! And you can see a little infrared light flashing at
the top of my Iphone cool. Wow five minutes and forty-five seconds of vacuum trolling!
So xPissInMySoupx how entertaining was that for you? Huh? Did you enjoy all these vacuums?
All these lovely precious vacuums! I just love the Bissell Powerforce and it’s bagged
glory. Or maybe the Dyson and it’s lovely scream! Or maybe bagless because who likes
buying bags? Or maybe the power of the Electrolux! The Electrolux! Come on brushroll. Oh my god.
That was a lot of fun. So i hope you enjoyed watching this. Don’t forget to like comment
and subscribe for more of vacuum madness! Woooo!

86 thoughts on “Vacuum trolling

  1. I'm sorry you don't find these videos entertaining but this is my YouTube channel and I will post what i want to post. If you don't like what I'm posting then don't watch my videos.

  2. Good for you Techman, don't let these haters get to you, just keep doing what your doing there are other people out there who like your videos so make the videos that you want to make. Chinigo it's starting to get old, stop hating on the kid who can do whatever he wants brotha.

  3. I like it 4 vacuums and 1 vacuum and i want you to do a vacuum vs video of the bissell power force bagged against the dyson Dyson Dc07 please thank you.

  4. it was funny when you had your voice and electrolux the electrolux click click click come on brushroll

  5. I have a new rule about commenting on my videos. From now on if I see any mean or negative comments, especially ones that contain curse words I will block you from my channel immediately and you will not get a second chance. I will not tolerate it so watch your comments and think before you post. But if you leave nice or positive comments I might be nice to you and reply. I might even subscribe to you just because I'm a nice person. So once again think before you comment.

  6. This is a little off topic but does anyone know how to recover data from a dead hard drive? One of my external hard drives just had a major crash and none of my computers will detect it anymore. I lost all of my videos from 2014 and up till now. Is there anyone that can help me with this?

  7. I acted like a complete and total idiot in this video but please don't leave comments about it. If this video didn't have so many views I would have taken it down. But looking back at this, there was no reason for me to act like this.

  8. I seriously don't understand why anyone would want to watch this extremely stupid and cringe worthy video…. I don't even find it funny anymore.

  9. I know how it feels I did a video of me singing and someone buy the name John Stewart said that my videos suck I replied and I said oh really my videos suck so I kept making videos just because he did not like then I wrote on his channel and I said sir you do not have to watch my videos I just do not want mean comments on my channel that's what I wrote to him

  10. i would really have liked you to do some vacuuming 🙁 we missed some vacuuming, you think you can maybe use the vacuums in a future video?

  11. Okay this is getting ridiculous. How has my most stupid and most cringe worthy video become my most viewed video?! Can someone please explain what is so funny about this because i don't find any of this funny anymore. Seriously why are you guys still watching this? There is nothing funny about this.

  12. If you guys would rather watch something far less cringe worthy than this then go watch my new Vacuum cleaner montage video. All of the vacuums in this video are used in it. The only difference is that I'm not acting like a maniac in it.

  13. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahah

  14. I enjoy watching you vacuum videos you don't listen to those selfish bratty teenagers that are freaking stupid keep making how much videos you want.

  15. i love your vacuum videos keep up the good work check out my you tube channel its called Patrick detwiler

  16. the location is 28918 dryander forest court katy tx 77494 the bissel powerforce bagless will be deliverd by may 16

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