Wahoo Tournament Fishing Day 2: High Speed Trolling around Bottom Structure

Wahoo Tournament Fishing Day 2: High Speed Trolling around Bottom Structure

Hey guys, how you doing today? Day two of our tournament, you know we got some good reports the day before from a friend And we saw some good markings on the sea surface temperatures and in general it just seemed like like a good day We got our chance so we headed offshore early in the morning to try to catch some wahoo for our second day of the Northeast Florida wahoo shootout we get to the spot nice and early and it Seems to be a good spot to be there a couple of boats already out there working the area And we start trolling immediately and we’re marking some great bait signs You know some some pods some fish marking some structure on the bottom It looks fantastic the water temperatures pretty good between 71 72 Kind of right where we want it, and we’ve had good reports today before I mean everything just looked perfect Unfortunately it was the start of a slow day We trolled the different bait pods that we marked in the area hit them at different angles You know work the area really hard but no fish The boats around us didn’t see them hooked up Reports on the radio were pretty slow, too. We started heading east trolling out deeper water You know seeing what we could find We tried high-speed trolling for a while then we switched to pulling ballyhoo You know coming back working different areas with bait and just any numbers we had on our GPS so we’re trolling and trolling and just nothing and it’s getting late in the day running out of time Have to stop fishing at 5:00 It’s about three o’clock and we decided. Let’s troll up north. We marked some bait last time And I was like well, let’s go back by there. Maybe there’s some bait there. Maybe it’s You know some kind of structure that we hadn’t seen before, but there was bait by it So let’s get another look at this area. I’ve got the high speeds back out We come over the numbers, and I’m mark just a really nice bait. Pod. I mean there’s just Big old thing of you know bait. I got fish all over top You know a little structure on the bottom, and it’s like a couple points within a short area finally our black over purple mr. Big No, it’s not that Mr.. Big the other mr.. Big. Yeah, yeah that one gets hit on pin 70 Man! All right guys finally Last time there were three of us, and that was a little challenging, but this time there’s two of us, right So we need a guy to reel in the fish Clear all the other lines, drive the boat wire in— you know leader in the fish and then gaff So what we’re gonna do is when that weight comes up and we get to the leader, I’m gonna pick the rod up I’m gonna walk to the front and as I do that my dad’s gonna grab the weight and start leadering in the fish While he’s doing that I’m gonna put the rod in a rod holder up front and just just set in there and immediately run to the back and gaff the fish Fish finally comes up and we go into our plan you ready Got it There we go! Ended up weighing 43 pounds so not not a monster you’re looking for but hey That’s a great wahoo and after a slow day like that. We’re happy to have any walk along about any fish on the boat It’s kind of funny. We get the wahoo up He throws up a Remora those fish that sucked on the Sharks we see them a lot in the summer, you know catch them. We’ll see them while we’re diving Little suckers on the top of their head, I hadn’t seen that on a wahoo before doesn’t surprise me. It was pretty nice or more So you know what that means? means we need Someone who companies to step up and start making a Remora covered lure. I’m thinking gray over white. You know you don’t see too many lures like that, but hey They’re gonna eat or more maybe they’ll hit a gray of the white blue. I’d give it a shot. Get back trolling, work in that same area. It’s a great looking area We’re going to bottom fish it later. Do different passes different ways, but not a lot of action we didn’t get one hit on a Orange black lure actually one of Steve Grant’s lures that you might heard him talk about in our Wahoo’s seminar video So that fish just hit it real quick. I don’t know how it didn’t get hooked up. I guess they’re biting very lethargically very soft because we’re trolling and all you hear is a *zip* Like dang, was that a fish, and I was like yeah Pull it in and you said we see some damage some teeth marks But I guess he just never took a good bite out of it Overall we had a great time out in the water You know it’s kind of slow, which we could have caught more fish, but we still have fun Just catching that one fish and finding some new bottom numbers, so thanks for watching subscribe for more videos And we’ll see y’all next time

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  1. How much does the water color matter up there. Like do u only fish blue water or would u still fish wahoo depths if u get a dirty blue or almost green water? Thanks

  2. What lb braid and how many yards do you run on your tiagras .. also what about top shot ? I run 120lb braid to 200lb topshot but have been missing some
    Fish and looking for some other ideas

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