We found 2 fishing poles and a box (what’s inside?) Magnet Fishing!!!

We found 2 fishing poles and a box (what’s inside?) Magnet Fishing!!!

hello all you beautiful youtubers you
Casondra and are going down to Verdi pond it’s over sort of in the Reno area
we used to live over there oddly it never once ever did we ever go over
there which is why I really enjoy magnet fishing because it allows us to venture
off to places I don’t think I would normally go naturally and I get to see
the things that are so close to our home like just maybe two hours away if not
closer and that’s fantastic to me I just really enjoy it we’re gonna do something
a little different today usually we have a lot of commentary but this time around
it’s gonna be more visual and I really hope that you guys like it but if you
don’t let us know I would really like to tweak what we’re doing to satisfy you
guys and let you see it the way that you want to see it can’t make everybody
happy but I’ll do my best I’m really excited to see what Verdi pond has to
offer and we shall see Oh
look at him I thought I found myself a prince charming but no he had a golden
shower all over my hands and he didn’t even ask listen I don’t judge okay you
do you boo but I’m not into that so I’m gonna let you go over here and I’m gonna
go wash my hands right back at our house we brought the
tackle box that we found verdi pond back with us we are on the front porch at our beautiful home like I said and we are going to open this up and try to find who this
belongs to and see what else is in here… lets do this alright so first and foremost
surprisingly enough we got stuff for fishing in the toolbox you got some
rings right it a little bit alright there’s some more lures back
here holy cow alright guys explain this, why is there a bottle cap? please comment below, cuz i am confused. yeah this does have a fishermen’s
license in it and it belongs to an individual but it does have an
expiration date of 2015 we’re gonna reach out if we do find it we’ll let you
know if we don’t we’ll also let you know but this is really cool I really hope we
can find the person who owns this tackle box we have your I don’t know what this
is called but you put the fish on it and keep it in the water it keeps it cool borderline paraphernalia I don’t know come on fishermen tell us why would you
have this what is this for this is empty seumas for hooks or whatever bait waterer think your collection it’s empty
I don’t have no idea maybe I should take up fishing just so I know what the
heck’s going on tip it I don’t know so you got some gloves and a rag, I
think this is what stinks no the rag yeah oh you just made it fluff and so if
you look inside Leanna look that’s right guys y’all just see something like
random lures the lures of wires and hooks some weights miscellaneous stuff
so um this is this individual stuff and he found it we didn’t want to just leave
it there and we hope we can find them we’ll call Cabela’s or the licensing
individual on the front or reach out to Facebook we would try our best to get
these back and let you know thank you so much for following us and letting us
know what’s up in our DM’s and our messages and we really appreciate it
this is Magnet.o, peace out

2 thoughts on “We found 2 fishing poles and a box (what’s inside?) Magnet Fishing!!!

  1. Quite the treasure trove there young ladies. It appears the tackle box was almost empty and quite possibly dumped. I should hope not. Were there many people there?

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