We Got Trolled…for YEARS

We Got Trolled…for YEARS

What I have for you today is going to come
as a huge shock to some people. It certainly shocked me. I found out this weekend about what is possibly
the longest running con played on the David Pakman show, uh, in, in the show history of
the show. Over the years we’ve received voicemails that
have sort of stood out. We had, for example, Turkey burger lady who
left a voicemail, which has become a cult favorite with completely no context leaving
me a recipe, a very detailed recipe for how to make a good Turkey burger. Here’s a sample of that voicemail. Do you love Turkey burgers? But you’re never quite sure how to make them
well now I can tell you how to do it. It’s easy. First just top the burger with one slice of
cheese and eat it until the cheese melts. I’m assuming you’ve already made the Turkey
burger part, then what you’re going to want to do is spread some Manet’s on cuts by the
rolls. Okay. Very good one. Another time we had an Irish version of Jordan
Peterson call, I call it that. It was Jordan Peterson with a slightly too
Irish sounding accent. The clip, very popular. Warning me about Joe Rogan. Take a listen to that one. Oh, hi David. This is Jordan B. Peterson calling in, uh,
you know, just to call it because say you heard the exciting news that you might be
on the tool Rogan podcast leader this week. So, uh, congratulations on that. And uh, just wanted to call and also see,
uh, make sure you study up before you go on there because I did it myself and um, I didn’t
have all my ideas and [inaudible] who here is in my head. That was another interesting voicemail that
a lot of people like. Then we had, how could we forget the source
audio for the David Pakman show? Dubstep remix contest, which was all spurred
by this song that was left on our voicemail one day. So David Pakman show, it’s my favorite show. You do more good dive, you know the Gerber
pack that led to like a dozen or more remixes in
an entire other contest that we did. Now over the weekend, I was contacted by someone
claiming that they did all of those voices and many more. Their name is Simon when held, and I admit
I was skeptical because these are all over the place. Could one person really be doing all of these
over a period of years? And I never noticed. So I asked Simon, I need you to send me a
single recording where you do all of these different voices or a bunch of them and he
did Turkey, burger lady and all take a listen to this. Hi David. This is Trish Nelson, but Turkey burger lady. Did you end up cooking a Turkey burger? How to turn out. I just want you all to know I’m developing
a cooking show called, it’s not my diet, but I just had to try it today. We’re going to cook a special French delicacy. You may have heard of it. Chris songs, our celebrity guests, our former
president, William Jefferson Clinton and Arnold shorts, n****r say hi y’all. Hey David. This is bill Clinton as ever. Big fan of your show. Y’all do great work. Keep it up. Keep it up. David, this is Arnold Schwartzenegger, former
governor of California. I just want to remind you to watch my classic
movie kindergarten cop. It’s great. I break a pencil with my thumb. It would help you to learn to be less of a
girly man. [inaudible] just silly. We invited cause I pseudo intellectual Jordan
Peterson, but he’s too busy on his next book. 12 more rules for life. He sure is a stickler for roles, at least
when it comes to live. I’m writing a third book to even more 12 rules
for life. It’s absurd. Sure. Where did you come from? Go away. Today’s show is booked. Our last guest, it’s a young man named Simon
who wants to share a song. Hit it, Simon. Okay. The David Pakman. It’s my favorite show. You do Dan. You know it’s electron seated. I say no, the day pack [inaudible] well, that
song was very interesting. Okay. This is Trish Nelson of, it’s not my diet,
but I just had to try it. Signing out. Yeah. So anyway, really amazing stuff. Great work. There are a bunch of other callers that Simon
has done over the years. Fake Ted Cruz and a whole bunch of others. It was one person all along now, because people
will ask, this has nothing to do with Troy York. Troy York is an actual right wing antagonist
that calls in with racist characters, like a black character named Jamal Jenkins, a Hispanic
character called Ramon Remos. That’s how he pronounces it. None of those Troy York characters have anything
to do with Simon. I don’t want Simon pulled into that. You can check out Simon’s work on Instagram
at Simon underscore, Morris underscore when held really, really great stuff. And it turns out that, uh, it was, it was
a con job all along a nice job, Simon. Very, very nice.

100 thoughts on “We Got Trolled…for YEARS

  1. There is nothing Irish about that accent David lol

    I died when he said "it's abzurd!" because it drives me crazy hearing JP say absurd. He already speaks at maximum tolerable pretentious douche levels so when he says absurd even more pretentiously than usual it's unbearable. If he gets any more uptight his asshole will reach its schwartschild radius and collapse into a singularity.
    I would prefer not to be one with Jordan Peterson's asshole for an eternity so hearing "abzurd" is always uncomfortable

  2. Kyle is missing out on the action, but then again, he doesn’t go for these types of shenanigans.

  3. One person scammed all you idiots? No surprise there, echo chambers make people sheep and vulnerable to people with more than a singular wit.

  4. i like you man and this is your thing… but it seems that this thing shouldn't turn into the david packman packmans packies for david packman david packmaning david packmans david packmans followers

  5. This dude is good. He's getting some good exposure here. Hey David if you have any show biz kind of connections hook this dude up. He's awesome.

  6. This is basically David Pakman brown nosing himself, via a mediocre "voice actor" guy, who has a subpar Kermit the Frog / J. Peterson impression, a southern old lady and just a bunch fan boy characters that are nothing else than his own voice, kissing David Pakman's ass.

    I don't know how little you are acquainted with even moderately good voice actors, but there are a lot – and no, they're not even remotely famous. This was pretty fckn cringy, gotta say. Be a little less transparent next time, 'kay?

  7. Right, Dave, you need to read "the Letters of Lazio Toth", I can't remember the Authors real name, but he trolled Dick Nixon for years.

    "Happy orgy of gluttony day" — enjoy your barnyard fowl…

  8. Now you have to discover another troll..The one who let trump and his followers believe he's God's chosen one…..'Don't stop believing'..is a song from someone who's married to that person..Of course,only in America…What a Journey..Total and free acces to the W.H. No questions asked..Jeruzalem,capitol city of Israel and having the U.S Embassy ..consider it as done..Donate money now..Amazin.And it's a female..fanatic religious one…

  9. David has a great attitude for this kind of stuff. Admirable; I hope they change the rules so that he can run for President one day.

  10. Everybody. …watch for n help stop Any n All False Flag shootings coming up ….especially the day the IG Horowitz report comes out Damaging so so many Bad Actor Deep State people on the 9 th of December. Pretty much like every other time the people could learn more disturbing news about the Deep State and what bad things they are up to, the CIA has one of their MG Ultra mind controlled (usually early teen white crazy nationalist) go somewhere like a mall or a school and create a mass shootung. Not only to change the news cycle but to also help their case with taking away our Constitutional right to guns.

  11. This caller is clearly a professional voice-over professional. Could be one of those guys who makes various voice-over recordings for multiple types of multimedia.

  12. So , can someone tell me da fng turkey burger recipe??? I'm interested in it. I'm curious on how to keep the fat and moist balance in the patty.

  13. Like everything else David does on the show his sentiment after being conned and trolled for years is sincere appreciation of the artistry. Those calls are even more legendary now. One kind of magic is lost and another found…… on the Da-vid-Pak-Man Shoooooooowwwwww—eeeeeeee——uuhhhh.

  14. You allowed yourself to be trolled. Every time you play voicemails like this, or take a call from Jimmy from Philly, you can probably find me in the comments saying "stop giving them airtime."
    You played yourself. Ignoring trolls is how you stop them. Giving them airtime and responding to them is how you encourage them.

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