what GANGNAM means! (Exploring Seoul, Korea 2019)

what GANGNAM means! (Exploring Seoul, Korea 2019)

This is Gangnam Square named after the famous artist ‘Psy’ popularly known for his track ‘Gangnam style’ all over the world If you are a backpacker and visiting Seoul then you must watch this I’m back after the ride but it was very short they told me, here are some giant pandas You will see tax-free stickers at many shops here After ‘Everland’ now we are going to visit Lotte World Tower This is said to be the highest tower of Seoul There is an observatory deck at the 112th floor of this tower there is a double-decker elevator And probably it is… Fastest.. IS THIS THE WAY OF VLOGGING! YOU ARE ASKING EACH AND EVERYTHING But this is how I do it! I AM KIDDING HE WILL BUY US TEA Sure I’ll make it for you on the highest tower of the city So this is basically the highest tower of the city the speciality of the elevators is They are double-decker so there are two tracks on a single elevator so let’s do it The entry ticket for the Observatory deck costs 24,000 won I just passed the security check They frisked me properly I was asked to take out everything from my pockets now I am going down by using this escalators oh my God! This is the elevator It was indeed very fast Though I couldn’t see both the decks according to the Guinness book of world records this is the fastest double decker elevator It climbed 496 m in just one minute almost half a kilometre above the ground level There are helipads above the buildings Another floor. we are still going up This is less crowded quite peaceful if you visit this observatory deck, Then I recommend you to come on this floor sit here and relax and watch the beautiful sunset in the backdrop of River Han and this beautiful city I’m sure you would like that time I can see Gimpo airport from here Which used to be the main airport for Seoul earlier But due to the ever-increasing air traffic, Incheon is now the main airport That is Gimpo airport Time is up and now we are going down I know my voice is not clear Even I don’t know what I am speaking this was the fifth most popular music track on YouTube It’s Gangnam style This is Gangnam square the track came in 2012 ‘Psy’ got Immense popularity because of this particular track Now he is popular around the world He is Korean Gangnam is a business hub of this city In fact it is very important for South Korea lots of international companies which have their offices at this place Over there is Gangnam subway station So you can reach here by subway I have already told you that this city has one of the best subway networks It is indeed the cheapest way to travel in Seoul so do visit this place if you are visiting Seoul you can rent these bicycles for 3000 Won for one hour This is Nanji Camp Ground This is adjacent to Han River We came here to do a short bicycle ride on the river bank But these cycles are available for rent only till 7 PM We are now going back as it’s more than 7 pm They don’t rent the cycles after 7 because it gets dark after that This is the cool, open and green place If you’re looking for something natural And if you have some leisure time Then I would definitely recommend you to visit Nanji campground I’m going to show you the campground if you are a backpacker and visiting Seoul Then this information may be very important for you the entry fee is just 4000 Won (Rs.250 approximately) If you have your own tent then you can stay in this camp ground this way you can stay for very cheap in Seoul city

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  1. Really bad decision by you to have S. Korea as your new destination. Your videos are awesome when you make country side videos. Not much interested in Korea as there is nothing to see other then electricity.

  2. Wou Gaurav bhai kou bohoot ziyadah hi Attitude hai,he just indirectly apki bezadti kardi(Kya vlog aiese banateh hai)🤬🤬

    Don't worry Varun, what ever you are doing, it's just wonderful zabardast,
    1000likes from me always

  3. लास्ट 2 विडियो से देख रहा हूँ कमेंट सेक्शन मे कुछ लोग जानबूझकर FlyingBeast और Varun bhai के बीच मे सिर्फ कुछ "कमेंट" और "लाइक" खाने के लिए overreact कर रहे हैं.. दरअसल ऐसा कुछ नहीं है. वैसे इन दोनों जैसे ऑनेस्ट you tuber मुझे दूसरे नहीं दिखते.

  4. I am great fan of Varun as well as Gaurav (Flying Beast)…both have different mandates of their vlogging…but guys they ('youtubers") are community and they share a healthy relation among them……
    Y u people "fans" create atmosphere to bring differences between them…. They both are creating good contents..just appreciate enjoy and wait for their next video..!!

  5. And this is how Gaurav lose his one subscriber.. he actually need to take lessons from Varun on vloging. More subscribers doesn't mean you r more talented.

  6. Pretty disappointed with the attitude FB displayed in this video. Didn't expect this. Also didnt know VV was part of this tour group till he put up this SK series video. FB somehow left him out and only featured the women in his VLOG on SK trip, though it looks like VV was always around. Looks like FB cherry picks who he wants to collaborate with, and didnt think VV was worthy being featured with him, even though this was an all expense paid trip for everyone in the group. Sad if that is his attitude, whatever he portrays in his VLOG looks staged. Check collab videos done by Vloggers from outside india… Mark Wiens, Mikey Chen, Food Ranger, Sam Chui, Dennis Bunnik, Jeb Brooke and many more… There is mutual admiration and respect for each other. Sometimes instant fame makes you arrogant and over confident.

  7. How the other you tuber is insulting i didn't like that
    Thats very rude in his vlog he is very humble but he should be humble for others also

  8. There is a saying ‘ask & u shall b told’ , perhaps the arrogant flying beast is unaware of this saying. Instead of pretending to know everything about anything, its a nice gesture to ask. Anyways ur Vlogs always rocks…. cheers Varun

  9. पायलट बहोत पकाने लगता है
    बचपना गया नही अभी उसका 😜😄😃

  10. dhāraṇa karēchē

     Learn to pronounce

    Now in Bangladesh The dengue is epidemically speared in everywhere

  11. Can u please make a hitchhiking video on Kolkata.There are many good places to see in the city specially of British heritage which many people are unaware of.Infact I myself even unaware of many places.And if possible the Punjabi areas of Asansol.

  12. But really I truly appreciate ur videos from my heart.But u being a govt.officer how do u manage to get NOC all the time?

  13. Like your videos and good thing happened yesterday Mumbikar nikhil mentioned you and appeal everyone to make your 1M subscribers

  14. So this video proves that, its not necessary that how youtubers portray and pretend themselves in front of the camera are actually the same in their conduct in life as well.. Till now I used to admire and respect this man named "gaurav taneja" but his arrogance and jealousy is quite visible here.
    Video mein jo dikhta hai sbkuch ekdum waisa bhi nahi hota. That's youtube for you.
    Fortunately I never subscribed his channel.

  15. Jealousy and arrogance Gaurav taneja ki shakal pe jhalak rhi hai poore Korea trip pe.. He plays very well with his camera and his vlogs.

  16. How many of you think Flying Beast was unpleasant from beginning ? i think he was Harming the quality of this channel and Viewers Experience by his Presence, we are not habitual of him in this Travelog. i didnt liked his rudeness with Varun.

  17. Flying beast passing comments on your vlogging skills. Ek baar aapka channel dekh lega to apna band karke baith jayega. 😂😂

  18. कभी उत्तराखंड आओ भाई.. चंबा आप रुके मेरे साथ , फिर धनौल्टी, टिहरी डैम, मसूरी घूमे, आपका स्वागत है ❤️🌹🙏🏻

  19. isko(tanjea) kya preshaani h agar pooch pooch kr bhi vlogging kr rahe ho..isko dobara camera me mat lenaaa…aapke laayak nhi h ye banda

  20. Mr. Varun
    Thanks for your nice videos. Really very interesting for travelers. I always enjoying your videos , one request…kindly give details about places and entry fees

  21. bhai teri aankhen kholne waali baat karu..ab tere mei dum nahi video ka maja dene ka jo viewers ko lage..tujhse baad mei flying beast ne banaya channel wo aage h tujhse..uske millions hogyesubs aur wo jyada family mei bhi video karta h meri pyaari rashbhari beti k saath…

  22. india का सबसे घटीया attitude youtuber …….flying beast ………👉️👉️……..👎️👎️

  23. Flying beast k fan mumbiker nikhil ko gali dete h .. flying beast k tarha humble nai hai bol k..bc in logo ko ye video dekhna chahiye kn kitna fake h..

  24. I think that Mota aadmi jo varun ko batameezi se baat kar raha tha usko pata hona chaiye ki kisse kaise baat karni…Varun is the guy who actually has very polite tone to talk other with respect ye sala Mota tho pakka kisi na kisi country me maar khaya hoga…Jahil

  25. Respected sir those all who are saying about flying beast are not jock or just propaganda.. You have learnt many think u

    Kick that bastard from ur channel next tiem

  26. Varun bhaiya, your videos are really nice and amazing. You are an amazing guy. I usually watch your videos with my parents. They are not much of YouTube fans, but now they have started watching. Thanks a ton

  27. A big lol for The other youtuber. He should join a class how to behave with people. 😁😁😁 Varun sir love from Assam

  28. Flying Beast is a fat ass kiddo who has no ethics. Varun Sir is the most humble Youtuber. At 1:26 I felt like lighting the ass of Flying Beast.

  29. Have a doubt?.Indian currency value is more in South Korea,Indonesia etc.But all ticket and entrance is all in thousands so it comes around Rs.500 or thousands as per Indian rupee.Whereas in Canada and Thailand our currency value is low but all rates is in 3CAD and 500 Baht so as per Indian rupee it comes to same thousands as per INR.Eventhough currency value is more or less purchasing value is same.Why?

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