Whipping for Papio!!! (Tackle Tips Ep01 W/Subtitles)

Whipping for Papio!!! (Tackle Tips Ep01 W/Subtitles)

Heyyyyyy everyone in today’s video we’re gonna be showing you how to set up your pole for whipping We’ve been getting quite a bit of messages asking us what we use so in today’s video. We’re gonna take some time out and Explain exactly what we use I’m just trying a little diagram to outline what we’ll be talking about today, so Let’s just jump right into it So the first step is to take your egg lid and slide it on to your leader line Having that on your leader line will allow it to slide up and down wall with me and to prevent it from coming off You’re gonna tie on that barrel swivel This knot that we’re tying on is one that I’ve used in a video before thumb basically you’re gonna pinch the end and go over and under a few times and then put the end of the line through a hole you made and pull Using the same knot that we showed you earlier you will tie on your leader line to the other end of the barrel swivel Using the same knot we’re gonna tie on our hook to the end of our leader line And there’s a little bit of excess so go ahead and clip that off using a nail clipper or scissors or whatever you have Some other comments that we had were what soft beats we use I usually like to stick with big island beats this is the dirty lickings and I also like Campania lures this one in particular is their dime bag color You’re gonna take your hook and poke it through the top of the beat and Curve it down towards the tail

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  1. So are you bouncing the sinker as you whip or jig ? or whipping or jigging the whole rig with out touching the bottom ? why not just us leaded jig heads with Grubs on them ? Skips the whole extra swivel sinker rig ? Just curious cause in the States jacks will readily take swimming plugs, jigs and spoons. , no swivels needed or sinkers , that is for bottom fishing with cut or live bait. I really want to try the Hawaiian 🌺 style your using here on our sandy beaches. Even though we have mackerel and bluefish , and barracudas that will cut soft baits of in one hit .

  2. Hello! Great video!! Can you explain one thing to me….I've been watching a lot of these whipping videos in preparation for a trip out there, and I see a lot of guys use the soft plastics behind casting bubbles as well as the egg sinkers that you show here. It seems to me that using an egg sinker would just cause you to get hung up and snagged in the rocks UNLESS you rip it in fast and don't let it hit bottom. Is it a correct assumption then that you just never let it come in contact with the bottom in a rocky area? The casting bubble seems appealing because you would avoid snags, but I guess it probably might not work well in deeper water. Thanks!

  3. Hello Nick, I'm on the island of Kauai right now and I would like to get on some fish.
    Do you know of a good spot that I can go to?

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