Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic

Why Atlantic fish are invading the Arctic

As many as half of Earth’s species may be already migrating to escape warming temperatures. Plants are inching northward and so are many animals. The Arctic ecosystem is particularly vulnerable to invasion. Scientists aboard this research ship are hunting the most important fish in the Arctic: polar cod. Mixed in with the Arctic fish are invaders including Atlantic cod and capelin. The southern species compete for polar cod’s food. So here is a very typical Arctic food web or food chain. This food web is changing now. These fish are among many species migrating into the warming Arctic. Relatively few species have evolved to survive its frigid darkness. Polar cod have some of the most impressive adaptations to survive. They use a trick that’s common among arctic animals, they store lots of fat in their bodies. Polar cod eat tiny copepods, which also store fat to survive the long winter. And a high energy meal is crucial for surviving the harsh Arctic. One trawl after another reveals southern interlopers. Out of a thousand fish caught in this trawl, roughly 70% by weight are southern species. It’s hard for the scientists to pinpoint precisely when we cross the boundary between Atlantic and Arctic waters, but that boundary has been slowly creeping northward. Scientists call this process the ‘Atlantification’ of the Arctic. Atlantic waters are saltier and they mostly lack ice. The biggest difference? Atlantic water is as much as seven degrees warmer. The polar Cod likes the colder water, but it’s losing territory. Polar Cod flourish in the shallow waters of the Barents Sea, but further north
it’s too deep for them. Meanwhile, the warmer waters bring with them new species that are shaking up the food web. Along with new fish, there are Atlantic varieties of copepods. They store much less fat than copepods native to the Arctic, making them a less nutritious food source. That means polar cod may have to spend more energy hunting. For the same amount of animals that are gonna be eaten, you don’t transfer the same amount of energy. Capelin, as well as Atlantic Cod, were among the invaders we just caught in the trawl. Capelin will also feed on the same prey as the polar cod, so we start adding competition between these two species. The Atlantic Cod goes one step further: it eats the polar cod itself. Capelin’s not as rich as polar cods, so that goes or diminishes, then these levels will also be impacted. It’s easy to vilify the southern species threatening the ecological balance here. But take the Atlantic cod, in their natural habitat, overfishing and now rising temperatures have decimated its population. So here in the Arctic, Atlantic Cod seems like an invader, but it’s also a climate refugee from the south and its main predator is another key species advancing northward. Historically, most humans who have come to the Arctic have taken a lot more than data and a few samples. For at least 45,000 years, people have been coming to this paradoxical region. Punishing, desolate but rich with resources. Humans are the Arctic’s ultimate apex predator and yet we’re only getting started. With countries like Norway extracting
fossil fuels offshore, other sectors are also expanding northward. From tourism, to shipping, to military operations. So the stressers in the Arctic are probably going to intensify. As the climate here changes so will the meaning of the word Arctic. For the animals who, for now, call it home.

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  1. Traveling to the Arctic to produce these videos was a journey I'll never forget. Thanks for watching!
    Let me know if you have any questions about the series in the comments below, or watch parts 1 & 2 of the series here: http://bit.ly/2JmKiu1

    – Eli

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  3. We need to make a CHANGE. And END the POLITICAL debate about GLOBAL warming. Those that do not agree must be IGNORED and left.

  4. Good to see lots of fish! After the marxist destroy America, people will need the food, just like Venezuela.

  5. They're all trying to escape the poisonous radiation that's been spewing out of Fukushima Japan and into the Pacific Ocean since the earthquake in 2011! Thats why!!!

  6. How dare you call those poor Atlantic fishes 'invaders'. They're obviously refugees fleeing raising temperatures!

  7. Sea life escaping Fukushima radioactive materials 40 million gallons daily pours into the Pacific Ocean carried east North south by the currents

  8. 2:13 Remember that they are saying that the fish are weighed to identify this "70%" This could also be a increase in fish size not just movement of fish

  9. Sure your not ok with invading species and changing an entire ecosystem yet will do everything to weaken our borders and let illegals and migrants take away jobs and culture liberal hypocrisy in a nutshell

  10. Fascinating. But cant help but to taste the bias view from Vox. You could just as easily do a video about a species that is thriving due to warming temperatures.

  11. I particularly love your Arctic episodes, because the Arctic is mysterious to many people. Hoping you can make more interesting video topics

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  13. Haven't watched the video yet. Let me guess, it's because global warming has made the ocean in the more northern regions much warmer and so fish that can live in warmer oceans can now live in much more northern areas that have become warmer a s a result of global warming?

  14. The Atlantic cod is not over-fished. It's regulated, and there has been more fish the latest years than before.
    But the climate changes and the consequences revealed in this vide is proven by the scientist correctly. It's very scaring.

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  16. The ocean also affects the weather because of the gulf stream, And I don't think warmer water is going to be very helpful.

  17. people will say how sad this is but then not take action in their own lives to change our effect on the environment

  18. How come the mammals (eg- polar bears) are in danger if the polar cods are diminishing because they could just eat the Atlantic cod instead..

  19. I bet it's the Russians hacking the arctic. The Russians are always messing with things they shouldn't be.

  20. Climate change is a natural cyclic reality and the Grand Solar Minimum is currently impacting climate change. The location of the north magnetic pole has moved. Please stop the NWO bias media reporting that people are the reason so depopulation is the only answer.

  21. Honestly, Vox your research drops the bass! (lol) As a young youtuber trying to create quality "edutainment" your videos always inspire. Keep it up!

  22. as the BIOMAS increase hunting will be easier. The problem is will warning water produce more low lvl chains !!!

  23. Warmer water wouldn't have anything to do with the chain of undersea volcanoes that has been erupting for just over a decade now would it?

  24. How will the future generations explain to their children that there was once a big bulk of ice called the Arctic?

  25. I'm glad Vox didn't go the whole "we have to stop this, this is horrible" route and instead did some honest journalism – Bravo! 😀

    Regressive journalism just rustles every one of my jimmies – they're the people who want damage control for ever single thing humans do. They're never happy by how much humans have achieved but instead balk at the impacts we've had on our planet… We have to have a balance…

  26. It is time to arm the arctic sea creatures with the Russian APS amphibious rifle to help them fend off the invaders and secure their borders

  27. 2:39 7 degrees C or F? If you're going to be taken seriously, please be specific. I learned that in math in like 5th grade.

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  29. Water… Salt Water… Fish… Bear. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the Southern Fish Tribe attacked.

    Only the Avatar, master of all feeding elements, could stop them. But when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, a shrimp named Aang. And although his mating skills are great, he still has a lot to learn before he's ready to feed everyone. But I believe Aang can save the world.

  30. Blah-blah ! There is no global warming, bro ! Already is called global climate change ( my fat @$$ ). Warming didn't show up ! Study about global warming befor you bring this stupid video.

  31. Hey vox can you please make a video on effects of climate change in indian peninsula ? (as it's the most vulnerable to it)

  32. why are the fish separated on tables instead of into tanks? i'm sure it's easier to count them that way, but they're just contributing to the problem

  33. Lemmie get this straight: Atlantic cod, for centuries regarded as THE most desirable commercial catch in the world's ocean, are moving north, and that's a BAD thing?

  34. No links to support anything here other than one for a documentary. Where is the data to correlate your figures?

  35. Only negatively impact humans' fishing, this is a prime example of natural selection. Quite one sided. Maybe stop over fishing our oceans instead.

  36. What they FAIL to address is that the majority of the Atlantic Ocean is COOLING whilst the Arctic region is Warming.
    Simply put ::: there is less of a differential between regions of the Ocean and that makes it easier for the migration…
    Seriously , if there was so much melting in the world – our harbors would be noticeably rising but they are not.!!!!!!
    But NO,,, the emphasis is on "a man made causation" they love the doomsday hype and scaremongering agenda.

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