Winter Carp Fishing France Cavagnac

Hello and welcome, were in France, its Winter, but we have come to our favourite lake Cavagnac. and we have come in force! Yes, we have 6 teams of anglers from Spain, they are setting up as we speak. Were going to show you how the are fishing, where and showing you what has changed since we last came. It´s cold but I believe we are going to see some sofa sized carp this time, so sit back and enjoy the ride! Ok, so were at the Channel Swim, and I can see Carlos has a fish on the line, it didn’t take him long to hook that fish, let´s see what’s on. The fish is snagged, so we are going to go out in the boat. We have just walked onto the the channel, and we have had to go out in the boat, he has not been fishing long, it looks like a fat fish, certainly a nice mirror carp, let´s get the fish out of the water and onto the matt to see what he has had. We timed it perfectly to see this fish. Your first fish Charley congratulations. It´s a pepino!!!!!
I am glad I am here to help, it´s a great start, a fish of over 13kg, who wouldn’t want to catch that? Were on the Boards swim, it´s a so popular this one, and quite rightly so, the lads have been hauling
and have a total of 7 fish. One over 40lb. They have two waiting, let´s have a look now. What two fantastic fish! A mirror carp and a common carp, all that is left now to do some fishing. We have come to the Trees Swim, another popular swim, the team here are fishing with 8 rods, 6 fish have been caught the best being a mirror carp of around 40lbs. They have also caught a very unusual fish, a surprise fish for this time of the year, it was a 13.5kg grass carp, a stunning fish, for winter, very unusual. One thing I wanted to mention, was that on the lake you will see markers, these are there for the anglers to guide them with there fishing, and also to mark where the lillys start and or end. What a result!
It´s ripped off and produced a nice 30lb fish, what a lovely looking fish, I am so made up with it, fantastic. Since we last came to Cavagnac, the team have been doing lot´of work, as you can see behind us, refurbish, so when you get here and fish, you will be on a rock steady platform, safe and secure. OK, so were here back on the Channel, and Charley has had another lovely looking mirror carp but let´s go now and talk with the staff about the changes and tips for fishing the lake. So I am here with David the manager at the lake, I am going to ask him some questions, on how to fish Cavagnac. So David what’s the most important piece of advice you can give to anyone who comes to fish. First of all, anyone who comes here and wants to enjoy it, they must listen to the boys, my brother Arny and Ross, they know the lake like the back of their hands. The will help you. They will help you move, help you make rigs (montages), they will do anything for you to help you to have a successful week.. Sometimes fishermen go ahead with there own ideas, but they are losing time, a week can pass fast, if you can get 2 days fishing without searching, it´s a piece of advice you don’t get everywhere. So the team here will put you on the hot spots, right? So technically fishing, what other advice would you give? For the drive and survive, they must use the boilies we have on site. That is very important. Fishing wise we keep it simple. We try to make it as easy as possible, but the bait is a crucial point, these are we use constantly, the fish are eating these baits all year, the baits we feed the fish with all year, so it makes it easier. Right, so the fish know the baits, your essentially feeding them. Yes, that´s why the fish are growing excessively they are growing 1.5kg or 2kg a year approx 4lb, we have also done a lot of work with the small fish too. Also with the lillys, all the swims have features. In the past some fishermen would catch in one place and other people would be just watching those who caught, and not enjoying it, but now the fish are coming out and being caught all over the lake. Yes., we see fish coming out day and night and from all over the lake. Yes for the start of the year, it´s been incredible. We need to see the big girls now, and maybe by the end of week, we will see some big ones. he key to that is to put your bait in, yes, they are starting now, as the weather is better, at night it´s not so cold, so it makes it more even. There have been a lot of changes since I came here in the first place. Some of them are the facilities, others things are the stocking of carp. We have done a hell of a lot of work, all the banks have been repaired, the banks have been modified, to make the path and access for Anglers really good, all the swims have been completely renewed, which is fantastic, some of them are now earth, so you don’t get mud everywhere, so you keep clean, they are very comfortable, yes!! Stock wise, we decided this year, we have a lot of anglers who come and believe in our services, so we have had the possibility of introducing a lot of new carp in the lake. So now we have the stock of 1000 carp, including grass carp. We have put nearly 200 new fish in, 180 new fish from 12kg to 22.8kg, so that´s about 49lb the biggest one. And quite a few were big fish, like 16kg, approx 35lb-36lb which is good, and all of the fish were immaculate fish farmed fish, and scaly fish with a pattern on them was good. Yes, I saw some photos of them some absolutely stunning fish, So the anglers that come here, this year have lots of new fish to look forward too, yes, plus the others that keep on growing. Yes, well brilliant, thanks for your time, no problem, yes thanks, now you need to get back to your swim. that´s it, I wanna go catch a big one! Amazing, were here on Charleys Bay, Angel has caught a 44lbg carp on Proline bolies, well done my friend. It´s just ripped off and I am into a nice fish, so powerful, so powerful. YES, were fishing on the Channel Swim, with a Hing Rig, cast to the other side with a 20mm pop-up boilie. What has been great is that everyone on the lake fishing has caught, you cannot argue with that, get down to the channel and catch yourself a 40lb common carp like this one! Ok, just back on the Channel Swim again, were just talking about Angel, and that incredible fish he caught, with a massive tail, yes, he is doing well, He has fished the Channel, Charleys Bay and more, he has been moving around, fishing 3 different swims, and catching in every place. That did look like a superb fish 44lb mirror carp with a whales tale, who wouldn’t want to catch that? it´s getting dark now, and its our last night, I am still hoping to put a bigger fish in the net, 50lb, 60lb, or 70lb. Fingers crossed let´s see if we can catch a big one. It´s the end of the session, and it´s not quite the fish I was looking for, I would have liked , but still a beautiful one, a 50lb fish, but we cannot complain, we have had three 40lb fish, and countless 30lb fish, we have caught fish on every swim. David and his brother and the team at Cavagnac are making a fantastic job providing the best lake side carp fishing experience here in France. We have caught fish on every swim. It´s been fantastic. That´s the end of the session, 50 fish in total, quite a few 40lb fish, You really do want to come and fish this lake, you want to come and try. For more info visit the website. For now Adios.

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