Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

Easter Friday. Super quick stop at the river
It’s quite cold. – 6 or 7 degrees Even though we have little bit of sunshine
it’s cold. So we are not too hopeful. But it’s always worth to try. I think I go for something small and black. Loops on the rod get frozen, because it’s -6 C. So little bit challenging. When winter fishing in minus temperatures there’s
a challenge of getting these loops frozen so tip of today. How to… What to do with
these Melt them. If you have a better tip please let me know. Suddenly it full-on winter again.
Goodbye sunshine. As a conclusion Great day. The dog says let’s go back
home, she is bored. An awesome trout Even though we didn’t expect much. You
never know about winter. I think now we head back to the cottage
and have some sauna. And now you get out there!

21 thoughts on “Winter trout fishing – 300 hours of fly fishing

  1. If you're new here and wondering what's this whole 300 hour thing… it refers to fishing hours filmed on this vlog.

    (And if you are a hardcore fan, you know the vlog actually starts from episode 3. Which is weird, yes. No excuses).

  2. -6 C, wow you are tough! Love the time-lapse in the video 🙂 The loops are frozen, but how are you not frozen??

  3. I honestly don't understand how either of us doesn't have over 1,000 subs yet! Your editing and fish you catch are incredible! Why don't more people sub? It's so weird…

  4. Here's a great post about the problem of frozen rod guides (ie. the loops, as I seem to call them here)

  5. Pretty cool 🙂 And a nice concept with 10 000 h.
    Speaking of frozen top guides, brush the water surface with the rod tip. However, it will probably work only if the river water temperature is above 1 degree C (if it's 2 or more it's even better). If the air's cold and the water's close to 0 degrees, I can't imagine fly fishing, because the fly may turn into a lump of ice :/
    Tight lines!

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