Winterizing your outboard motor (2 strokes) 4K

Winterizing your outboard motor (2 strokes) 4K

Hey youtube today winterizing your hardboard for winter this one’s a mercury forty horsepower two strokes We are starting with changing the oil on the lower unit This is the drain plug And this is the vent Okay to make it easier to remove those those screws and using a impact screwdriver In the hole of this Push me for speed The point okay, this was the old washer I’m going to change it I already know that this lower unit Is not perfectly sealed so you will see water coming out of it at first Yeah, this is the water looks like it Oh, that’s a lot of water more than I expected yeah They fire look at the screw There’s not much metal on it This is all small shavings so no big chunk. It’s okay Okay time to throw up You just screw the fitting on the drain plug And you pump until oil comes out of the vent Oh wait what you can see the oil coming out? Okay now, it’s full now. You need to remove the the fitting and Put back the drain plug Of course you’re going to lose some some oil, but no big deal Be sure to have your screw ready with a Brand new gasket Whoa Ah nice and tight Now putting the fence crew with a brand new gasket again Nice Wipe the excess oil Make sure that the bottom screw it’s nice and tight That’s it for the Lord unit or change Going to Okay, it’s fogging the engine need to remove the cover Need to remove all the sparkle of warriors I need to remove all four spark plug Aprilia clean I’ll know if you can see this Good are no one yes good Same thing Yep same team Part of Warren is not perfect Okay fogging the engine I’m just using engine storage spray you can find this kind of stuff and the poor parts whatever So we’re doing this to prevent corrosion inside the motor So your spring Who almost lost this I’m gonna turn the motor by end To make the oil go everywhere You can’t even there’s a world Yes my god do it once again Earning more again So this should be okay But back the plug Going to put brand-new wine in this spring Some will to run the mortar and Kill it by shooting this spray in the carb So by Putting all that oil in the carb This will put oil everywhere in the motor, and it will die just like that Putting them back all the sparkle warriors And don’t forget your last ride The last ride I did put some marines to bill 360 and some seafoam Just want to make sure that the carp will not be gummed out at the spring Look back the hood And there’s one last little thing you can do Is Plug the pee hole because spiders love to make nest in there and block the water passage So just block the pee hole if your motor is gonna be out all winter long Here we have harsh winter like minus 30 degrees Celsius, so Thanks for watching You

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  1. Hi ! I just bought the exact same engine, but no prop on it. What prop are you using with it ? I use it on a 16' aluminium with a home made side console. I bought a second hand 10 3/8 x 13 blackmax prop but I think I could use a bit more pitch. Check my tryout vid Thanks

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