Worst fishing day ever… just see ! – O pior dia de pesca de sempre … vejam !

Worst fishing day ever… just see ! – O pior dia de pesca de sempre … vejam !

hi guys welcome to another fishing video, is not even 10 a.m and the fishing is over, I made miles and got up at 4 in the morning He arrived close to 5 a.m He had an accident with the car to escape a dog, he is laughing but is no joke, the front is all smashed and needs a trailer to go home but I can not laugh either My rod is broken. I slipped on a stone of these I fell into water and got water up to my knees I broke my rod and hurt a finger my day is over, what do you think? it was a good day of fishing? did you like? How many fish did you catch? 4 fish (for some strange reason he is happy, got is PB 😛 ) I got 5 fish in this… what? 2 hours? even less the day is over fish on looks big no, he is not big just fight hard at the begin but is the first… here he is in the assist hook very alive now is bigger now I think he is bigger the attack was good They’re just fooling me, he is not big he is bigger look the diference between have or no the assist hook both fish where caught on the assist hook this is bigger go go fish on small but is the third here he is Ribworm again he is under that rock so crazy I am Texas fishing I lost some lures The bottom here is complicated Let’s see how it goes like this Let’s see if I do not lose so many lures, I’ve also changed the color I’m with a more natural color The water here is very clear and I do not believe they have great difficulty in seeing the lure fish on in first cast after I change my rig one fish, not very big but it’s the fourth fish you can not ask for more Ribworm catching again I do not know if I told you but… this lure will be brutal for this season for Walleye/Zander unfortunately we are only catching small fish but the day has just begun there he goes another small fish welcome to the first “Hot tips” at the end of the videos I’m going to try to insert what I used and why I used I started the day in chartreuse color and later move to a more natural color whether in sea or river there are many similarities between the Sea Bass and other river predators who fish at sea know that begins with a color like this in river is the same I’ll show you how to mount a trailer hook both two first fish where cautght on the trailer hook and I did this because I wanted a large lure to catch larger fish that lake has bigger fish because he was having short attacks of small fish and the goal was to catch them so I don´t skunk, that is the reason of the trailer so who do we do this? we get our Ribworm and with a double hook from Savage Gear near the tail like this and this part is done, now… we have to put the hook in a way he don´t go out we can use a Jighead or we can use a hook weedless like this like this and now let’s look for the eye o the hook is here we pass through the middle and is done has you can see even if you pull he is not go out because is stucked in the main hook with this you will miss less fish you will not miss short strikes or small fish the fish will he in the trailer hook even if don´t hit this hook we will get the fish easy like this

44 thoughts on “Worst fishing day ever… just see ! – O pior dia de pesca de sempre … vejam !

  1. Excelente vídeo! Na semana passada estive aí e perdi a conta ás amostras que perdi e peixes andavam muito pouco ativos mas a pesca é assim mesmo. Um Grande Abraço 😉

  2. A dias que mais vale não sair de casa no entanto não passou tudo dê bens materiais que felizmente podem ser resolvidos.

  3. Sorry you broke your rod. At least you managed to catch some fish first. You called those Walleye/Zander? Same fish, just two different names?

  4. É daqueles dias em que mais valia ter ficado a dormir !! Mas faz parte da vida e da pesca! Calha a todos ! O q valeu é q ficaram para contar a história 😉 abraço

  5. This semptember is big fucking bullshit man! I crashed my car with a wildhog 3 weeks earlier. This is the worst autum in my life!

  6. Great video but sorry to hear that you fell and broke your rod. I'm a firm believer in using trailer hooks. I've caught so many on it.

  7. Belo video como de costume, pena o que aconteceu mas importante mesmo é que ninguém se aleijou (muito) e isso é o mais importante, Abraço aos dois.

  8. Video top joºao . só um reparo . Nas hot tips , disseste que começavas com chartreuse , porque havia semelhanças entre predadores de rio e de mar . Mas faltou o porquê dessa escolha amigo.. um abraço

  9. John, well, at least you caught some fish on this day of accidents! Interesting that the assist hook (we call it a trailer hook) was working well. Hope your finger gets better, you get a new fishing pole and your friend gets his truck fixed. Be safe. Your friend, Don

  10. Very good 👍
    Things happen sometime
    Check out my midwest stripers video when you get a chance
    Smaller jigs but same principle

  11. Dear Friends Hi !! I will be visiting Lisbon in the beginning of November. Do you know a company who organizes fishing trips ? I would like to go for sea-bottom-fishing. In Lisbon or Setumbal? Thanks a lot

  12. Beleza cara. Pescaria é assim mesmo, nem sempre as coisas saem conforme planejamos. Já aconteceu comigo. Grd Abraço.

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