WW2 Kurland echo, fishing with Black magnet! №21

WW2 Kurland echo, fishing with Black magnet! №21

Karlis trying to catch some fish Today we are at the lake and we will test a magnet Producer Black Magnet f300x2 Let’s try search something with magnet We need to tie the knot Let’s see how far we can throw it Bottle cap sailor’s knot…holds well First few throws Some shrapnels, nails, fishing gear Rope is 21m, too short for Karlis Black Magnet f200x2 with 25m rope Someone is fishing Trying not to disturb fishermens 😀 Already good result Splinter, bottle cap and a hook…we already can go to fishing For a beginning not bad, let’s try another place Steel shell And a fish feeder Results of half an hour Like always shrapnels And a steel shell, fish feeder Still throwing a magnet And look what a interesting find!!! “Tooth” from mower And a bottle what it meant? Something in the bottle That’s a sand Can’t understand what it was for… you never know what can be found with a magnet

4 thoughts on “WW2 Kurland echo, fishing with Black magnet! №21

  1. Ieteiktu liekajos caurumos magnetā ieskrūvēt skrūves, lai neaizdiršās vītnes. Pēc tam baigi problemātiski iztīrīt!

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