YAESU FT-60 internet connecton feature

YAESU FT-60 internet connecton feature

Hello everybody, I’m Kirk Krentzel N7VGJ and today’s session of the YAESU FT-60 We’re going to explore the internet connection feature. So let’s get started. First of all We’re gonna come down here, and hit the FW key, and then the zero key And you see in this particular time. It came up with names. We want to go over to The internet connection And we’ll go to I NET which is item number 21 okay I’m gonna hit the FW key jump inside of it. Let’s explore it we got Internet off which is nothing more than turning on and off the zero key for the wires Then we have Internet memory and we have INT COD or Internet code Internet code tells the Wires computer at the end of the repeater to come online so we don’t want that and that’s that that little tone That comes out at the beginning of every transmission That’s where we have a little bit of problems, but let’s go over here to INT MEM Let’s hit the FW key to lock it in and it goes back to I net to get out of that Let’s hit the transmit key. All right now. Let’s hold the wires key down. You can see wires is on up here top So we’ll hold the wires key down or 0 and you’ll come up to I memory 8. Let’s see what that does Let’s go ahead and lock it went back to where it was supposed to be that’s great no problem Alright, so we’re gonna hit the transmit key. You see what it sounds like Okay you see there’s no tones going out. That’s what we want Let’s key it again, and let’s hit the wires key. Let’s see what it does And you noticed I just I keyed the the transmit key and It continued out for a little bit. That’s sending out those series of eight codes, okay? We don’t want that series of eight tones, so let’s fix that let’s go to zero hit the wires key And hold it down goes to memory eight I’ve got memory one set up with nothing in it an empty set so we’re going to lock that in FW And now we’re going to listen for it I’m going to move my hand across the the microphone here to let you notice that once I Key the transmitter, and hit the zero key. There’s no audio coming out or the microphones disabled momentarily Let’s try it. Let’s see what happens key the transmitter I Have audio Hit the zero key. I don’t have audio until it’s over with okay Now that’s how you can hook up the internet connection feature or set up the internet connection feature to Disable the wires Okay, so with that. I’m Kirk Krentzel N7VGJ. Have a great day

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  1. Hi Kirk. The Yaesu FT-60R was released in 2004. Do you know when will they have the newer model release?
    I am a new ham. What are the other models that is newer than this 2004 model?

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