Yellowtail Fishing in the Keys with Reel Camo Girl

Yellowtail Fishing in the Keys with Reel Camo Girl

Hey guys, today we do some yellowtail fishing with Reel CamoGirl down in the Florida Keys. I got with them and said “Hey, yall did great on the yellowtail snapper last year. Could you show us how you did it and teach us some tricks and help us out?” They were really helpful. One day they were out fishing, had a big yellowtail
school chummed up and they called us out to come fish next to them. We went out there and started fishing and
they had a good school behind them, but where they were killing the yellowtail snapper,
we were not. We caught a little bonita, maybe a little
snapper. So we were like “Hey, what are yall doing
different? What’s our mistake here?” It turns out they are using really light tackle. We just had a 10ft fluorcarbon leader connected to braid and I think that braid was spooking them. So we went to 15 pound fluorocarbon and we had about 45 or 50 foot of leader, a good long distance. We went from a #6 hook to a tiny #8 hook. We also went from one chum bag to two chum
bags at once to really get a good slick going behind the boat. So we went out there the next couple of days
and we started doing a lot better. Once we got the yellowtail behind the boat,
we would just let out one line, just free line it as natural as you can. Don’t let it stop, don’t jerk it or move around,
just naturally ease that line and let it drift back with the chum. Now another little trick that they did, was
that they would throw oats behind the boat. Once the chum slick was going and the bait
ball was up, they would throw a few handfuls of oats back there and that would bring the fish in closer to feed one them real quick. You want to bring it in fast once you do get
it hooked up because, I don’t know there are some sharks and barracuda that will definitely
try to steal your fish. Be sure to bring a net to scoop them with.
We seem to forget that about every trip, so we had to use our little bait net. We had blue runners and other bait fish come
right up to the chum slick so sometimes it was tough getting our bait behind them to
the yellowtail because they were a little further back. It’s really cool when the yellowtail come
back there because all of a sudden you see this golden ball of fish. Their yellow tails really stand out and its
this golden ball and you know that the yellowtail. The bottom is nothing real huge. This is what it looks like on the bottom. And just as a heads up, this is what it looks like on the depth recorder. But the area is just a huge area of this natural
bottom and there were boats all around us seem to be able to hook up to snapper. We had a great time. We really appreciate Lauren at RealCamo Girl
for helping us out and giving us some tips and tricks to catch these fish better. Be sure to look them up on social media, Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, all that. They have a really cool account and you can
learn a lot from them. So thanks again to them. Also, subscribe to our channel for weekly
updates. We are having a great time learning and posting
these videos as well. Thanks everyone for watching and we will see
you next time.

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  1. What depth was this? When I'm in the keys I never know what depth I should stick to for yellow tail. Last time shallow was actually better. (35ft was catching more than 50ft) Any tips? Also, great vid, I like the narration and underwater footage is always nice.

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